Through the Lens Thursday: In My Cup

So, maybe this should be called “On my plate” because I have a lot.

Instead, this is a series of pictures, to illustrate that, using cups? Or something.

In My Cup

in my cup 1

I finally unpacked from my New York trip. We got these fabulous reusable cups from Cabaret, and the adorable miniature condiments from our room service breakfast. I feel like I’ve finally slowed down my pace to “country Kansas” from “24/7 NYC”.

in my cup 3

My after-treadmill miles, after-puking kid school pick up (WHUT?!), mid-afternoon snack. Hot tea with just enough milk and whipped cream to sweeten it a little, and gluten free pretzels with just enough marshmallows to satisfy my sweet tooth.

in my cup 2

And one of the reasons I’ve been so busy this week, along with my part-time job hours and trying to come back to that country Kansas pace….a new business venture that I feel really, really good about because the company, Ryte, is all about giving back, and makes me feel good, because the simple products are healthy, effective, and awesome.

I won’t bore you with the details, except to say they brand-new company gives 10% to a cause every month, and 10% of our payment is separated out for us to give to a cause of our choice every week. And, for FIVE more days, they’re allowing new members the distinction of being Founding Members, which comes with PROFIT SHARING. Oh yeah. For 30 bucks and a product that does amazing things.

Find me in the next five days if you want to hear more. For now, I’ve got leftover Spark energy and shall clean the living room and do the dishes and make some muffins and practice times tables and finish my tea. Ahem.


Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year (again!).

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Next week’s prompt is BOX.

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