The Yearly Grouping

I’m a sucker for family pictures, and with NaBloPoMo making me all nostalgic and this year’s photo session looming, I took a little look back.

(Sorry for the pictures of pictures with the first few….posting every day makes me lazy)

Single momming it (the first year):


And the second:


Our first family photo with T. (photo by April Thoughts Photography):


And as five (photo by Captured Image Photography):


Credit: Captured Image Photography

With number six on the way (photo by Megan Hein Photography):


Our first year as six (photo by Megan Hein Photography):


Two years ago (I took these with a timer so we parents couldn’t both make it in)


And last year, in our backyard with a timer (edited by Sarah Reinhart):


Team Up With Me For Kansas Kids!

As a mom of four (three in school), it’s not always easy to insist on healthy foods, physical activity and healthy habits. Most days, it’s hard to get all four kids out of bed, eating breakfast and out the door in time for school. It takes some creativity to find time to pack three schoolContinue Reading

Through the Lens Thursday: Gloom

One morning, when I went into the kitchen to make breakfast, I saw this foreboding scene of doom and gloom: Lego guy on the edge of the counter, seconds from falling off. I did what any concerned citizen would do and got out my camera. Lego guy is now safely buried in the box withContinue Reading

To be three (in haiku)

I dare you, defy! You can’t argue forever Or maybe you can.   The demands don’t end. Up at dawn and down too late. You are exhausting.   Real: bedtime struggles when dealing with threenagers. They want what they want.   Oh, you look so sweet. You finally closed your eyes and your sassy mouth.

My Personal Bubble Has Been Popped

So, I’ve been solo parenting for a week now, and it’s not going to end any time soon (relatively….you know, for a mom of four young kids in the beginning of winter….another week and a half feels like FOREVER), but the hardest part this time around isn’t just the lack of energy or patience toContinue Reading

A thousand words and a hundred thousand more.

I remember a lot about those last couple of months of 2006. I remember our last Halloween, the first trick-or-treating. I remember visiting my grandparents and Henry playing with our old toys and running in the leaf-filled yard on a beautiful, warm fall day. I remember that night. Oh, how I remember that night. IContinue Reading

Project 365: Week 46

This was not an exciting week, but it was a cold one. Nov. 9 Hub’s birthday! It was low-key, like he likes it. And then we slept. Nov. 10 I really shouldn’t take him anywhere close to lunch time without feeding him first. Nov. 11 He took four baths that day. FOUR. The last one,Continue Reading

Saturday Confessional

School mornings are hard. We’re late getting out the door a lot, and there are a lot of fights about whether the youngest needs to go with us (obviously he does) or if he needs to wear shoes or if another one came home with both gloves and a hat yesterday and if everyone hasContinue Reading

Easy Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Crust

Gluten free folks! Don’t forget that I’m giving away FIVE boxes of gluten free corn dogs! Go, Enter! My husband’s birthday was last weekend, and he’s a guy that knows what he likes. Since he was little, he got cheesecake from a box. But forget the crust that came with it…he wanted a premade grahamContinue Reading

Through the Lens Thursday: Shine

It was a sun-shiny day, and I had plans to try to capture my favorite swing photos, but from another angle to try to change it up. I ended up with very different pictures, though. The dog and two kids trying to shoot her…in very different ways, but both concentrating very hard. Through The LensContinue Reading