Puppy Parade

I don’t really talk to them. I mean, when they come back in the house after a potty break, I tell them how sweet they are. My pups. But that’s it.

For a few weeks after school started this past fall, and all of the kids left for eight hours every day, I was sad….a little lost. But then I realized that I really, really enjoyed having the house to myself, and the quiet, and the freedom to go someplace only having to worry about my own self. The introvert in me rejoiced (and continues to rejoice).

Some people feel like they need to go out and get a job when all of their kids go to school, which is awesome to be able to do without worrying about day care costs as much. But I work from home (mostly) and can Netflix binge TV-MA shows while I work (because aren’t all the really good shows nowadays rated TV-MA??), so it’s kind of perfect.

I’m never lonely, though. I mean, I’ve got this little girl glued to my side nearly every second of the day, and can’t walk or sit down anywhere without another (bigger, older guy) plopping on the floor. Actually, it’s more like easing onto the floor, because you know…he’s old.

We recently took in another guy that needed a new place to live, another heeler named Rusty. He’s younger and chubbier and doesn’t always tack himself onto me. But, he also doesn’t let me go anywhere without being involved. Although, he’s the only one that doesn’t follow me into the bathroom. In fact, the first time I got up and went to the bathroom with him here, he stopped at the doorway and acted a little embarrassed. Which is TOTALLY fine with me because it gets to be kind of a full house in there as it is.

Most days I do an exercise video, which is so much easier without the rest of the family talking to me or needing something from me or watching me. Louise does think that that’s the perfect time to play ball, but you know, whatever. We don’t get outside for ball much during the day, so I’m happy to oblige. Grim has his spot on the couch, and as long as I don’t give him any attention and then walk away, he stays there. Russellmania didn’t get the memo about mama’s exercising, though, and it took a few days for him to…not sit in front of me and stare.

So anyway, I’m not a crazy dog lady. Yet. I don’t have one-sided conversations or anything. And I would never use any kind of baby talk when I say hi to them. Never. Not ever. Ahem. I’m not like that. Yet.

I just lead the puppy parade.

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