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With Age Comes Acceptance

Several years ago, if I’d come to a conference and gotten overwhelmed by the size of the crowd or the crippling depth of my shyness, chances are good that you’d find me in my hotel room, by myself, very possibly with tears in my eyes and a homesick, anxious feeling […]

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Sparkle the Day Away

I’ll be 38 later this year, pushing 40 like I’ve pushed the shovel through the snow on the porch (unwilling and sweaty, but better than the alternative).

I don’t feel old, though. I feel pretty out of shape, sure, but that’s more my lack of consistent exercise than my age. I […]

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One plus One plus Five plus Five.

This handsome dude turns twelve today.

This handsome dude is leading the way for the rest of them….navigating the brand new challenges of middle school, tweenhood, extra responsibilities.

This handsome dude’s current obsession is Undertale (the musical). He lives and breathes it.

He’s making animations on his phone and filling his personal YouTube […]

About Me:

I am a dork. And I think I’m funny.  I am a country girl afraid of critters and living too far from civilization.

I am a widow, and remarried.  I have a Master’s Degree but no plans to use it. (I wasn’t born with the Ambition Gene).

I had baby fever BAD after the youngest was born, but have since settled into a “Four, No More” attitude. (I hate to see my babies grow up, though) I’ve battled depression twice, after the birth of both of my girls, and still get pretty dang pissy sometimes.

Things that make me pissy? Standing in the rain. Standing in the snow. A long night after a long week. The kids not bothering to listen to me. The dogs not listening to me. Dog hair on the bed. Mud from paws on the bed. Running out of eggs. Ruining dinner. Clutter in our messy, cluttered house. Cooking a gluten free meal and the gluten free girl refusing to eat it. Children splashing water out of the bathtub. Toddlers climbing on tables. And clipping little fingernails.

Despite all of that, I try to enjoy my days and the moments that make up our lives.

Things that make me happy? The color pink. Diet Dr. Pepper with Cherry during happy hour. Girly drinks (sangria, mojitos, and daiquiris, oh my!). Non-sticky lip gloss. Kids that say “please” and “thank you” of their own free will. Cooking a gluten free meal and someone declaring it the “best food ever.” Time with my best girl friend to laugh and vent and laugh some more. Child free drives and cranking the music in the car. Hilarious conversations with little interrogators. And pedicures. 

We live out in the Kansas country, cooking it Gluten Free and keeping the crazy contained (mostly).

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