Through The Lens Thursday: Together

Or, as they toddler says “too-gedduh”.

I made some gluten free popcorn party mix for the girls’ Easter parties at school tomorrow. (It’s super easy, but if you want the recipe, check it out on Today’s Work At Home Mom…and feel free to take a look around while you’re there).

Food photography is tough, which is why I was excited to practice for this week’s prompt. I need a set-up with “walls” and a surface to put the food on, though. For now, I clear off (part of) my kitchen counter.

Now, excuse me while I try not to eat all of the treats.

(OH! And um…in case you didn’t put it TOGETHER, I mixed all of this stuff TOGETHER into a super yummy and addictive party treat. So, there ya go.)

bowl 1mix 1mix 2plate 1

Through The Lens Thursday is meant for self-improvement, so please….constructive criticism is welcome!

Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year.

Don’t forget to join our Flickr group or share your own posts if you’d like to follow along and work on your own photography! And use the hashtag #throughthelensthursday to connect with others working on it, too.

Next week’s prompt is WATER.


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