Project 365: Week 50

Dec. 7

I just can’t even with the Build A Bear vest and the sleeping puppy face.

dec 7

Dec. 8

I don’t seem to have taken a picture, but I did share this one of Erv at 8 months old.

dec 8

Dec. 9

Reading some bedtime stories in the morning.

dec 9

Dec. 10

My oldest daughter did this. She changed the toilet paper roll while I was in the shower. I AM NO LONGER THE ONLY ONE IN MY HOUSE THAT WILL DO THIS.

dec 11

Dec. 11

This is his “you’re STILL trying to take my picture? No means no, woman” face.

dec 10

Dec. 12

Company Christmas party. You can just see the excitement oozing out of us, can’t you?

dec 12

Dec. 13

We finally had family picture day, because we finally had our whole family back together. I asked my husband to take my picture (of course I did) because dressed up with red lipstick calls for it.

dec 13

Through the Lens Thursday: Loud

I told the kids that they could yell and scream this week, specifically for this prompt, and I think the results show a little bit of the chaos that is our house. And this is totally fuzzy, but I love it because basically, this is my life with Ervin.   Through The Lens Thursday isContinue Reading

Through the Lens Thursday: Pair

This past weekend, we paired Christmas music on the radio with a Playmobil Santa’s workshop set* (when I ordered it, I thought it was an advent calendar, but it turned out to be just a kit you build…which was good, because I was about four days late getting it out). My husband was still outContinue Reading

This House Needs a Mouse: A Review

My kids don’t need more stuff for Christmas, but I’m always buying them new books. They’re the perfect gift really….you can always find one to suit a child, and there’s one for every age and stage. If we hadn’t already gotten This House Needs A Mouse, it’d be on my list to pick up andContinue Reading

Project 365: Week 49

We’re so close to the end of the year, I can’t believe it. Nov. 30 We had lunch with my in-laws on Sunday, and my MIL headed home from her weekend with us. Dec. 1 December! December is for fancy stuffed animal clothes, I guess. Dec. 2 I worked at home all day and hadContinue Reading

Through the Lens Thursday: Close Up

It feels strange to not have written anything this week after posting every day in November. But also, I’ve not had any inclination to write here this week. Moving on. Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year. Don’t forget to join ourContinue Reading

Project 365: Week 48

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I broke my NaBloPoMo streak on the last day by forgetting to do the past I’ve already done 47 times this year. Ha. Ha ha ha. I almost did that. Nov. 23 I don’t really know, except I was done with solo parenting. DO-NE. Nov. 24 Stu- stu- studious. Nov.Continue Reading

What NaBloPoMo Has Taught Me

Y’all. This was a long month. But. BUT! I will have finished NaBloPoMo tomorrow when I do my Project 365 post, and even managed to write all of the posts the night before (or sooner). I feel accomplished, and totally exhausted. I did learn a few things along the way, in this posting-every-day-in-November journey, andContinue Reading

Through The Lens Thursday: Clear

The holiday week, NaBloPoMo, and the stress of hosting Thanksgiving had me all messed up, so this is a day late. It’s clear that my kids have VERY different Christmas wish list styles. The girls’ (AKA start in October, cutting out all of the things we want and tape them to the wall): Henry’s (AKAContinue Reading

Thankfulness: Then and Now

I was a scrooge yesterday about Thanksgiving,  I know. But like I said, I do have a lot to be thankful for (and I know it). The things I’m thankful for now, though, are much different than the things I was thankful for growing up. Then: Baking pumpkin pies with my grandma for the bigContinue Reading