In my hurry to get the kids out of their booster seats and into their beds, I forgot something very important about Ivy. She and Henry are very blessed to have two fathers, one in heaven and one here. If Henry is my “golden boy”, Ivy is daddy’s girl, for sure. From the moment she and T. met, a little after her first birthday, she had him wrapped so tight around her little finger it’s not even funny. Still does. She’s “Baby Girl” and can do no wrong in his eyes. Two years ago, I had resigned myself to thinking that I’d be a single mother forever, and had (pretty much) accepted that. Thankfully, that wasn’t to be the case. I sometimes think that J. brought T. into our lives to love us and take care of us. Now we have three happy, healthy, beautiful children, and as far as we’re concerned, T. is daddy to them all.