Henry (the lucky little booger) got to go see The Lorax last week during a class field trip. And since I had been promising to take the kids to see it since I met him at Blissdom, T. and I took just the girls over the weekend.

Our date started out pretty rocky. The movie was sold out when we got there, so we had to either pay for the 3D tickets or wait another 3 hours for the next 2D showing. We opted to shell out the extra cash and go eat dinner first…at 3:45 pm.

I assumed that by going to On The Border, we would have a good selection of gluten free menu items for Essie to choose from. When we got there (and after I had promised her chips and salsa, which she loves), we discovered that the GF menu was quite limited and chips were not on it.

The poor girl was really sad to see her daddy and sister eating them. And I felt pretty crappy about the whole situation. If I had done more research, we could’ve gone someplace else (or at the very least, I would NOT have mentioned the chips).

Thankfully, she also loves burritos in corn tortillas, so we got her grilled chicken, sour cream, and cheese off the GF menu and wrapped it all up for her. And she was pretty happy.

I know now that things will go a lot more smoothly if I do the research ahead of time and go with a plan, but it was a hard lesson to learn. Mommy guilt, anyone?

The movie was excellent, by the way.
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