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It’s Been Nine Years

I see glimpses of him in his kids, all the time. Both have become smart, head-in-the-clouds artists, creative and (mostly) thoughtful.

Nine years ago today, I was leaving the hospital for the last time, crying as my mom drove the two of us home and telling her that I was pregnant […]

Have Yourself a Dino Little Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, John Hammond gave to me…

Henry made up the 12 Days of Christmas: Jurassic Park Edition yesterday.

Just try not to sing along.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, John Hammond gave to me:

Twelve pteranadons

Eleven mosasaurs

Ten ACU*

Nine tyranosaurs

Eight dino fights

Seven saurapods

Six DNA samples

Five gyrosphere rides

Four spinosaurs

Three stegosaurs

Two […]

Through the Lens Thursday: View

We had a four day weekend for Thanksgiving last week, and this was our view for three of the four days, basically. We had a lot of family time, and some of it was quality. Thanksgiving didn’t quite go as planned, and Friday…well, Friday I had a lot of […]

Back To Bed.

He came downstairs this morning with his most perfect pouty face.

“I was trying to take a nap, but you guys waked me up.”

So he went back upstairs to his bed.

I heard him singing to himself for a bit, but then got quiet.

After awhile, he came back downstairs, and he was […]

The Cutest Little Gamer

“Ervin, if you do that, you’ll regenerate. That means come back.”

Essie is such a gamer, like her brothers. She comes by it naturally, although I’m more like Ivy and will only play if I’m in the exact right mood (I loved to play the fighting games with my guy friends […]

Bubble, Popped.

For someone that highly values her personal space, I’m not often without someone in it.

This is my lap, always. It’s not terrible.

And that’s a wrap on NaBloPoMoSorta, folks. Thanks for bearing with me.

Dental Hysteria

I cringe when I see wiggly teeth in a mouth, but when it comes right down to it, I can pull them out with the best of them.

EB has had “shark teeth” for several weeks, and the baby teeth in front had gotten progressively looser.

Last night, we just decided […]

The Beginning of the End

Four years ago, my whole family (parents, siblings, nieces and nephews) took two giant passenger vans down to San Antonio for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It was a long trip (we got stuck in Austin traffic for a really long time), but we did a lot of fun stuff and all of […]

This Week’s Headlines: Thanksgiving Edition

Mom of Four Makes Thanksgiving Dinner for Eight
Eaters unimpressed, runs out of turkey, considers meal a failure.

Rain Steady Thanksgiving Day and Night
Outdoor Christmas light display put on hold.

Family of Six Venture Out For First Thanksgiving Since Celiac Diagnosis, on Black Friday
Mom of four not likely to repeat “venturing out” for […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Muted

This is how we usually spend Thanksgiving….I cook the meal, some of it gets eaten, then we decorate for Christmas. This year, it rained all day so the outdoor décor didn’t get done. We’ll see if it ever gets done at this point. You should be glad there’s no sound […]