So, it’s summer break, and it’s been raining (and kind of chilly) on and off all week. Last week was bible school, so there wasn’t much cabin fever happening. But this week, other than The Wizard of Oz, we didn’t have much to do.

Cue closet exploration and the trying on of this year’s Halloween costumes: under the (deep) sea.

(Yes, I said this year’s…still a few months away. While I can, I like to dress them as a group and buy them right after Halloween the previous year).

I wasn’t sure they were going to want to wear them, and they still might fight me on it when the time comes, but for now, they’re pretty happy with the selection.

They will be wearing pants on Halloween night, though. And obviously, only one of the boys will be wearing the shark costume.

deep 1deep 2

We have a huge picture window in our living room, so on a sunny day, there’s great light. This, however, was not a sunny day. So, some editing was necessary (hence the shadows).

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