This was a down week…only one or two things planned. I like having things to do and places to go during the summer, but I definitely like to have some relaxed, take it easy, do whatever we feel like doing time, too. It never got above 80 degrees, though, so the kids begged to go swimming a lot but only swam a little.

June 8

Toddler style at church, yo. Outfit complete with play tool belt around the neck, Seattle bracelet, and caterpillar Crocs.


June 9

Fun with future Halloween costumes.


June 10

The Wizard of Oz! So much fun. I get to see a couple more of the Starlight Theatre Broadway shows this summer, and I’m so excited about it.

wizard of oz

June 11

I had to run some errands in the afternoon and I was gone maybe three hours. When I got home, it was like it had been 3 days and they never see me.


June 12

The big three did go swimming for a little while. Erv and I jumped on the trampoline because the water was FREEZING.

girls poolhenry pool

Erv trampoline

June 13

My mom and I had a day out, all to ourselves. We went to the nail salon, did some shopping, had sushi for lunch, and saw The Fault In Our Stars.


June 14

Little man. Always trying to steal my coffee. To be fair, it does taste really good.