So, if you like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen my running updates. And if you remember my goals for the year, you’ll know that one of them is to run 500 miles in 2013.

I was all “I can do that! That’s not much more than 365!” and then I started thinking about it , and it turned into “wow, 500. That’s, like, 10 miles a week. That’s almost 2 miles a day. YIKES.”

But, so far, I have run 20 miles in 13 days. Less than two weeks and I’m still on top of it! I’m not just running 2 miles each time….every couple of days I’ll run 3, which helps me keep up with my goal.

But you know what’s really exciting? When I got on the treadmill yesterday, I didn’t want to stop at 2 miles, because I was feeling good, I could keep going. But I didn’t want to stop at 3 miles, because that would put me at 19 miles total so far, and well, that’s just not even or acceptable in my brain. So I just kept going until I hit 4 miles and 20 total! It was the first time I’d ever run more than 3.1 miles (and that has only happened a couple of times since I started running). I was pretty excited (as you know, if you saw my status update).

There are some days when it takes all I’ve got to run two miles, and on those days, I have to stop and walk every once in a while. So I know that I won’t be able to run three or four miles every day now. BUT, I DO know that I CAN do it! It is possible and that is super exciting!

I also committed myself to run 13 5Ks in 2013. Whew. I did 7 last year, and most of those were at the end of the year, so I know I can do one a month (with a couple of extras thrown in). I’ve registered for five virtual races (including one with Team Mamavation!) and one “real” race in April. So, I’ve got six through June, which is a good start. If anybody local (or not, for the virtual races) wants to join me, it’s always more fun to do them together!

Oh, and I think I’ve lost those couple of pounds I put on over the holidays. Woo!

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