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I’ve revealed recently why I got one of my tattoos. Want to hear about the newest one?

(I won’t be offended if you don’t. You can jump to the link-up at the bottom. πŸ™‚ )

You may have seen the picture on Instagram or last week’s Project 365.

This is tattoo number five. It really wasn’t that painful, and as soon as it heals, I’ll be a happy girl.

I showed this picture of tattoo #4 on Instagram a few weeks ago, when someone asked about it. I got it maybe a year after Justin died, to represent me (the mama bird) and my two babies, Henry and Ivy. I felt like I had somehow made it through the whole awful ordeal, and the three of us had survived.

At swimming lessons one day, a guy behind me asked if it was “me and my peeps”. Yes, yes it is.

I’m pink because it’s one of my favorite colors, Henry is blue and Ivy is green (because, you know…ivy).

The problem was that I have four kids now, and they notice a lot (three of them, at least). Like, um, only three birds. So, I needed something that would represent all of them.

To me, my kids are joy. They’re fun, they’re laughter, they’re love. And though there are two sets from two different dads, to me (and the most important people in our lives), they’re the same. But, they’re all oh, so different.

So, that’s where the pinwheel comes in. Four different colors and slightly different designs. But four pieces that spin together, quickly and joyfully.

Freshly marked.

Ivy is pink, Essie purple, Henry blue, and Erv green.

Photo courtesy of my trusted trio: Ivy, phone, and Instagram.

Do you have any tattoos? I’m dying to know!



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