So, this post should be titled “My Week In Instagram”, because once again, the DSLR has stayed in its case and I’ve used my camera phone all week (which will be great for the return of #iPPP next week).

It’s been kind of crazy with late evening bible school all week and potty training and setting up a new pool out back and picking up our second kitty. Tonight we went to see Madagascar 3 at the theater with the big kids, and stopped by Wendy’s for supper and a frosty in honor of Father’s Day and Dave Thomas’ foundation for kids in foster care. It was fun!

June 10

We got the pool set up over the weekend and it was cold. It didn’t stop the kids, but they did get out and wrap up after a while.

June 11

Bible school this week was my first taste of leaving Essie somewhere and giving up control of her food to (mostly) strangers. They took great care of her, and I didn’t need to worry. But since they were making and decorating sugar cookies, I brought a special batch for her little preschool class. The recipe came from, was super easy, and turned out really yummy!

June 12

At least two days this week, Ervin got to come along when we dropped the big kids off for bible school and get a taste of being an only child for two hours. He Soaked. It. Up.

June 13

On Wednesday, I picked up Mako Shark from the Humane Society. She really didn’t know what to think in the beginning. She’s warming up to us, though.

June 14

On Thursday, Erv did not come with us to bible school, so my mom and I took some time for the nail salon. My toes feel fabulous. (This was before I learned how to focus with my camera phone, by the way. Sorry.)

June 15

Friday was the last day of bible school. The kids sang their songs for us that they learned this week, and then we had a picnic outside. I took this picture of them in front of the fountain. I know there’s too much light, but I had a limited amount of time and they didn’t want to look into the sun. Plus, I think it turned out kind of cool.

June 16

Essie wore underwear to the movie. Oh yes, she did. She also asked to go to the bathroom 16 times and actually went, like, twice (that might be an exaggeration).

(Also, we don’t look anything alike, do we?)