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Through the Lens Thursday: View

We had a four day weekend for Thanksgiving last week, and this was our view for three of the four days, basically.


We had a lot of family time, and some of it was quality. Thanksgiving didn’t quite go as planned, and Friday…well, Friday I had a lot of that cranky mood cabin fever that I get on the weekends sometimes when we’re all very much together. But, things turned around Saturday and Sunday….we even discovered our love of family Scrabble.


And then the kids went back to school and the outside world stopped raining and sleeting and thawed out. Because of course.


Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that I’m doing again this year.

Next week’s prompt is PACKED. (Only a few left for the year!)

Through the Lens Thursday: Sign

A sign: A sign that, after a week or so of nice weather, winter is returning: A sign that I’m in denial about that: A sign that my friends love and know me well: A sign that my kids will do anything to delay getting ready for school: A sign that my cat needs moreContinue Reading

Project 365: Week 10

March 2 I went from running the Disney World half to training for another half marathon in April, and I’m not gonna lie….I’m getting a little burnt out. I’ve still got almost five weeks until the next one, and I just want to get it over with at this point. I did the Mamavation 5KContinue Reading

Let It Go, Winter. #iPPP

I think this winter has done me in. I woke up Sunday in a foul, foul mood and never came out of it. Even after sending everyone upstairs and getting on the treadmill (which usually turns a woke up on the wrong side of the bed day around), I still didn’t want to talk toContinue Reading

Project 365: Week 9

It’s March now, but you can’t tell from looking outside. Feb. 23 I honestly have no idea what we did last Sunday. I have a feeling it wasn’t much. This was the one and only picture I took, apparently, while Ivy and I were hanging out on the couch. Feb. 24 Every day, these two.Continue Reading

Project 365: Week 8

We had five full days of school this week, with no parties, and it felt like the longest. week. ever. Feb. 16 After all of the fun we had on Friday and Saturday, we took it easy on Sunday (when I say “took it easy”, I mean, I did a million things to get readyContinue Reading

Project 365: Week 7

We actually did some fun stuff this week! Feb. 9 The big kids went with daddy to see the Lego movie while I stayed home with the little one. But the first showing sold out, so they hung out at the library for a while until the next one. (Photo by hubs) Feb. 10 There’sContinue Reading

Love and Sunshine #iPPP

In case you weren’t aware, Valentine’s Day is Friday. So, in honor of that, I thought I’d share how I show my love. (Every mom is different. I do things that other moms wouldn’t dream of doing, and vice versa. No judgment.) 1. Superhero surgery. 2. Hugs and kisses before bed. 3. Love notes inContinue Reading

Through The Lens Thursday: Dull

I bought some Citi Blocks for the kids and I love the colors. I also love the light that comes in the kitchen windows early in the day. Also, the pink bag was from my January trip to Disney. It’s still not put away, but it’s unpacked, so….progress? Also, the blue thing in the forefrontContinue Reading

Project 365: Week 6

The longer I do this during the winter the less interesting my life feels. Feb. 2 We sort of watched the Super Bowl, but when the halftime show came on, some of us were really, really interested. Feb. 3 I didn’t get to my long run last weekend (I usually do it on Sundays), soContinue Reading