How to Make Gluten Free Chicken Parmigiana

I suppose someone somewhere can cook up a gluten free version of any food, but I am certainly NOT that person. Since our family went gluten free about three years ago, there are certain things I pine for and miss oh, so terribly. We can’t just go to a restaurant […]

What To Do When You’re #SheetOutOfLuck #spon

We’ve all been there. You’re in the grocery store bathroom, trying to keep your toddler from opening the stall door and showing everybody which pair of underwear you chose to wear that day (plus, well…everything it covers up), when you look over and see that there’s no more toilet paper.

Or […]

I’ll Be At #BlogHer14! #SP

I’m heading to my first ever Blogher conference tomorrow, in San Jose California. I can’t really tell you how nervous I am, and I definitely can’t tell you how excited I am. I’m going to be meeting a lot of online friends that I’ve become close to, but only “in […]

NASA in my Car (Seat) #EvenfloPlatinum

My husband thinks I’m addicted to car seats. I’m not, I swear. But I might be addicted to not having to switch car seats around to a different car in the morning when we’re trying to leave for school, or to replacing old ones that you can no longer adjust […]

The New Way To Floss From Waterpik #NewAgeInWaterFlossing

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.

I have always hated flossing. ALWAYS.

I have the trifecta of bad flossing situation:

1. Small mouth

2. Crowded teeth

3. Gag reflex

It’s hard for me to floss, truly. Though the gag reflex has gotten better over the years, my teeth have not […]

Give Me Some Sugar (No, Don’t) #sweetswaps

It’s no secret that I’m a sugar-holic. I’m addicted to sweets. I crave the sweet stuff.

Lately, I’ve been drinking three cups of coffee a day, and no, they’re never black.

And yes, I do still really, really like the whipped cream on top, but for one of those three, I try […]

The Annual Family Pictures (and a #Giveaway)

I was given a canvas from Signazon to review, but I did not receive compensation and all opinions are 100% my own. I promise you don’t want to miss the giveaway at the bottom, or some family pictures that I think are pretty darn cute.

This year, I didn’t have the […]

I Like To Move It.

I recently said that I don’t like to get down on the floor and play with my kids. But, there are things I love to do with them….I love jumping on the trampoline, I love cranking up the radio and shaking some booty when we’re cleaning or cooking, and I […]

Gluten Free Friday: Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake

I haven’t baked a lot since we went gluten free, because it’s just more…complicated. I do easy things like muffins or cake mix cupcakes, but as far as from scratch, it just doesn’t happen (my husband, on the other hand, has become quite good at it). There are so many […]