Keeping Women and Babies Healthier By Nature #giveaway

I’ve mentioned before that I went to/worked at the ShiftCon Conference last fall, and that one of the things I loved most about is was meeting reps from companies that have the consumer’s health and wellness at heart, NOT money and not the quickest way to make a buck. With […]

Grab Green Laundry and Home Care #Giveaway

This post contains affiliate links but also a GIVEAWAY. Woot!

A brand I met at Shiftcon this year was Grab Green. The team I talked to was AWESOME. They were a brand that said “Hey! Do you want to try some of our favorite products that work really well but reduce […]

Project 365: Week 40

Sept. 28 The baby is growing up. Sept. 29 This was a late night for he-who-occasionally-falls-asleep-late-in-the-day. Sept. 30 Fall has definitely arrived here. Oct. 1 I arrived in Los Angeles to help work ShiftCon, and it was a long day. This is when I finally made […]