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Uncommonly Fantastically Good

When Uncommon Goods approached me about sharing their company with you guys, I was immediately on board. Not because they have an amazing collection of unique gifts and products, or because they focus on environmentally sustainable and responsible practices (like limiting the number of catalogs they print and printing them on recycled paper), but because some of my blogging friends had worked with them in the past and had an undeniably positive experience.

So basically, the hardest part about this experience was deciding on what I would choose to review here on the blog. Everything else was easy peasy. But really, the choosing…I’m a Libra, not known for my decision making skills. But I knew Mother’s Day was coming up and that I could pick something out for myself. I focused on the jewelry. Oh my gosh, you guys. Just go take a look at it. I’ll wait…

There’s an enormous collection of gorgeous, unique, personalized, out of the ordinary pieces. I finally decided on this amazing necklace made of silver and gold and actual, real leaves. It’s dainty yet substantial, shiny yet understated, and makes the most soothing little jingling sound when the leaves bump against each other.


I also figured that I could get something for the kids/our whole family, and as soon as Henry saw these cardboard animal heads on my screen, he INSISTED I get one. I chose the Large Elephant Head, and when it was delivered a few days later, I told him he was more than welcome to go ahead and put it together (it was a few days before show day, so if I was going to do it, it would be a while). So he did. He put the entire thing together himself, punching out the cardboard pieces, following the instructions and placing each of the 20-30 pieces in just the right place to build the large and very cool elephant head. I think it probably needs some friends for the wall, too, once we find the perfect spot for it.


The last thing I ordered was this travel book to put all of my NYC memorabilia in that has been stored in a baggie for the last year. I’m pretty excited about putting that together, once life slows down a bit.

So, it’s too late for Mother’s Day, but if you need really cool, really unique gifts of any kind (for a new baby or a kid’s birthday, perhaps), definitely check out Uncommon Goods. Or, you know, if you just want something for yourself, there’s plenty for you, too.

I received items in exchange for this post but all opinions and gushing are 100% my own, as always.

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