Through the Lens Thursday: Twisted

I realize you’re all sick of seeing my dog. I know that. But I have had a long week and my creativity for the prompt was nonexistent, so you get action shots of a tug of war game with Louise’s twisted rope toy (she’s all better from the surgery and allowed to play again).

twisted 1

twisted 2

twisted 3

twisted 5

twisted 4


(Ivy took that last one)

Again, I apologize. I’ll try to be more creative next week.


Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year (again!).

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Next week’s prompt is WORDS.

Puppy Anxiety

How do I know that I’m getting older but still need some baby love sometimes? Louise went to the vet to get “fixed” last week, and I missed her like crazy, and also worried about her like a mom taking her child in for a procedure would. Okay, not quite as much, but still. I was anxious.


It was 24 whole hours (I know), but the relief I felt when they called me to tell me everything went well was palpable.

To say the two of us have bonded is a bit of an understatement.


She did great, and came back home where she belongs….on my lap.

weasel licks

She’s my baaaaaby.

Project 365: Week 50

Dec. 7

I just can’t even with the Build A Bear vest and the sleeping puppy face.

dec 7

Dec. 8

I don’t seem to have taken a picture, but I did share this one of Erv at 8 months old.

dec 8

Dec. 9

Reading some bedtime stories in the morning.

dec 9

Dec. 10

My oldest daughter did this. She changed the toilet paper roll while I was in the shower. I AM NO LONGER THE ONLY ONE IN MY HOUSE THAT WILL DO THIS.

dec 11

Dec. 11

This is his “you’re STILL trying to take my picture? No means no, woman” face.

dec 10

Dec. 12

Company Christmas party. You can just see the excitement oozing out of us, can’t you?

dec 12

Dec. 13

We finally had family picture day, because we finally had our whole family back together. I asked my husband to take my picture (of course I did) because dressed up with red lipstick calls for it.

dec 13

Project 365: Week 47

Nov. 16

Even after the kids go to bed, I’ve still got somebody wanting thisclose to me.


Nov. 17

I love bloggy friends, and I super love when they send me lovely things in the mail, like this stripey hand-painted card from Clare of Girl Fifteen, who has been playing along with Through the Lens Thursday all year!


Nov. 18

Peanut butter jammie time.


Nov. 19

Another dear bloggy friend sent me a couple of books from my new very favorite author and totally made my day.


Nov. 20

She had to “disugise” a turkey for kindergarten, so in order to make him part of the family, we funked him up…complete with coffee-dyed afro, glitter feathers, star shades, and brown felt jacket.


Nov. 21

Kindergarten Thanksgiving skit day.

tgiving skit 2tgiving skit

Nov. 22

The girls and I went with my mom to walk the Winter Wonderland 5K. Every year we go to Topeka to see the huge Christmas light display at Lake Shawnee, and this year we finally were able to do the run/walk (last year we registered but it was way too cold).


My Personal Bubble Has Been Popped

So, I’ve been solo parenting for a week now, and it’s not going to end any time soon (relatively….you know, for a mom of four young kids in the beginning of winter….another week and a half feels like FOREVER), but the hardest part this time around isn’t just the lack of energy or patience to do allthethingsbymyself.

It’s the personal space issue.

When my husband is here, after work or on the weekends, the kids and animals like to climb on him, lay on him, touch him, be near him. I like to watch from across the room. By myself. With my space bubble intact.

When he’s not here, it’s all on me. LITERALLY.

personal space is nonexistent

no personal space. noneno personal space

Through the Lens Thursday: Shine

It was a sun-shiny day, and I had plans to try to capture my favorite swing photos, but from another angle to try to change it up.

I ended up with very different pictures, though.

shine4 iso100 f3.2 1-400

shine5 iso100 f3.2 1-400

shine3 iso100 f3.2 1-400shine2 iso100 f3.2 1-400

shine iso100 f3.2 1-400

The dog and two kids trying to shoot her…in very different ways, but both concentrating very hard.


Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year.

Don’t forget to join our Flickr group or share your own posts if you’d like to follow along and work on your own photography! And use the hashtag #throughthelensthursday to connect with others working on it, too.

Next week’s prompt is GLOOM.

Project 365: Week 45

Today’s my husband’s birthday! He’s so old! Happy birthday, babe!!

Wait, seriously, only seven weeks left. IN THE YEAR?? Gosh…I wonder if I’ll do this for the third (fourth?) year in a row.

Nov. 2

Ivy begged and begged to get an easel, and grandma obliged.

nov 2

Nov. 3

Erv and I had a very quiet day, and I got some reading snuggle time with Louise. It was glorious.

Nov 3

Nov. 4

I did my “stripes self-portraits.”

nov 4

Nov. 5

I had a book club meeting at our library (we read “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”…I highly recommend it!). It was at 6:30 pm, and it was so, so dark already. I took this picture of the moon on the way home. Why does it seem SO much darker (and creepier) when it gets dark so early after DST?

nov 5

Nov. 6

Got my hair and nails done, and had sushi for lunch. Yes, I did.

nov 6 2

Nov. 7

I helped in the kindergarten class, but didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy helping the kids make “upside down pumpkin pie” snacks (half a can of pumpkin puree mixed with half a packet of vanilla pudding mix, then topped with crumbled graham crackers…or crumbled gluten free sugar cookies if you’re my daughter).

T had the day off work, so he, Erv and I went to town for lunch and to fix a tire on the car (and spend a whole mess of time at Wal-Mart). Erv wouldn’t let me take his picture, though. So I took one with Ivy after supper. O_o

nov 7

Nov. 8

Sad puppy, waiting for her human children to finish eating so she can get out of her bed.

nov 8

Project 365: Week 44

This week led up to Halloween plus Drug-free week activities, and then POOF! November.

Oct. 26

I actually did something spontaneous with the whole family on Sunday! (that never happens) I looked up a local city guide, saw that there was a ballet/dance Halloween production going on that afternoon, bought tickets, and we all went. (seriously, that NEVER happens. I’m a planner.)

oct 26

Oct. 27

Another successful trip to the dentist. (it was only after that certain people started getting cranky and trying to steal cookies)

oct 27

Oct. 28

Picking up a girl scout from the face-painting meeting (Louise is getting so big!).

oct 28

Oct. 29

Pajama day!

oct 29

Oct. 30

Hat day at school (and the “real” pajama day in kindergarten) (the day before wasn’t a goof-up on my part, just a special day in kindergarten right after a drug-free week day for everyone)

oct 30

Oct. 31

Halloween! There was a parade, and then school parties and then trick-or-treating. A fun day was had by all.

oct 31

Nov. 1

Our sixth anniversary! Date night!

nov 1

Project 365: Week 43

We’re gearing up for Halloween, but not as much as everybody else, I guess…we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend, but nobody dressed up for parties or anything. And is it weird that I’m sad that I won’t be dressing up? I mean, I guess I could, but we’re only going trick-or-treating and I won’t be getting candy. I do like to dress up, though (and saw an amazing Maleficent costume at Target) and I know it makes the kids happy when I do. Ah, well….the life of an introvert.

In other news, I can’t believe October is almost done already.

Oct. 19

Pumpkin painting!


Oct. 20

My work outing version of hot pink and leopard print. And a Louise photobomb.


Oct. 21

All of the sudden, my kindergartner became a teenager.


Oct. 22

Parent-teacher conferences. I love seeing their artwork on the walls (and I loved all the detail in Henry’s scarecrow).


And Bitty Babe and I coordinated…she’s not so bitty anymore though. She’s as big as the cats now!


Oct. 23

Erv and I ran some errands and got flu shots (I got the shot, he got the mist). He wouldn’t take a picture with me, though. Grumpy pants.


Oct. 24

The girls finally (barely) agreed to do the Spirit/Cheer clinic, in which they go early to a high school football team and the cheerleaders teach them a routine that they all do at half-time, plus they get to do some cheers during the first half. It was ridiculously cute, and the girls did such a good job.

cheer 6

Oct. 25

We finally got to the pumpkin patch, the last weekend before they all close. And it was warm….but fun and a beautiful day.

pumpkin patch 3

How was your week? Any Halloween fun already?

Project 365: Week 41

Oct. 5

I made my way home from LA on Sunday afternoon, and it seemed as though some creatures missed me….this one showed it the most, though.

oct 5

Oct. 6

We had beautiful weather….good for trying new swing tricks.

oct 6

Oct. 7

I had a dentist appointment, and for the first time (that I can remember), I took a child with me. He was very well-behaved, though, and made himself comfortable.

oct 7

Oct. 8

The moon was bright and beautiful. This phone picture obviously doesn’t do it justice, but I think it does look kind of cool.

oct 8

Oct. 9

My 34th birthday. It was a lot like any other day, but the highlights were getting a really nice compliment on my new shoes (burgundy suede Tom’s wedges from Zulily) at Sam’s Club, and hubs bringing dinner from Chipotle and a sweet gift. (That’s my Zulily invite link, by the way)


Oct 10

Grandparents’ Day at school for the girls. Parents and siblings aren’t invited, so Erv and I stayed home in our sweats.

oct 11

Oct. 12

Henry’s 9th birthday party. He chose to have it at the Natural History Museum, and while they provided a railroad theme and activities, I made Minecraft shirts and cupcakes.

henry cupcakes

henry party family