My Story (Right Now)

The following is what I read in the Listen To Your Mother: KC show last weekend. It’s become an out of body experience, like my brain and body are at odds with each other….my brain is telling me it’s no big deal, I can pick up the toy, while […]

My Brain is a Scary, Crowded Place

In just under two weeks (12 days but who’s counting), our Kansas City area cast of Listen To Your Mother will be taking the stage at Liberty Hall.

To say that it’s a roller coaster of emotions for me is maybe a bit of an understatement.

It feels a little like having […]

Here We Go, 2016.

I have some goals for 2016, and while some of them aren’t earth-shattering, work every day towards them or it won’t happen goals, I always think it helps me to write them down. One, for accountability…I don’t like letting people down (though obviously I do, sometimes), and two, so I […]

Doll Face Turns Four #ippp

Welcome to #iPPP! Sarah at The Sunday Spill and I want to see your funny, your yummy, your heartfelt, your favorite phone photos of the week. All you need is a blog post containing at least one photo from any phone camera. Link up below! (But, Sarah is smack-dab in […]

Guesting, Guessing, and Listening. EEP!

I just have a couple of things to let you guys know about, so this’ll be quick. (I’m deep into the first week of the #Iheartomron Omron Fitness Running Challenge, and today was pretty killer. I’m EXHAUSTED, so as soon as I’m done with this? Straight. To. Bed.

First of all, […]