First of the Lasts (Grand Finale LTYM Show Piece)

This is what I read in our grand finale Listen To Your Mother: Kansas City show yesterday. I wrote it between our first and second (final) rehearsals, and my son gave me his blessing to read it in front of the audience (while he was helping me get the show […]

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

~~~Is it summer yet? Because I’m already sick of all the cold weather laundry and it’s barely even begun to be cold.

~~~These pictures of baby Essie with a Mohawk make me say things like “wook at the boodee widdle boonieboodieawwwwww”

~~~And then looking at 6 year old Essie right after makes […]

The Raptor

I watch him run the length of the grass, hands and head in a raptor pose. He still pretends, with his younger brother chasing behind, asking me to keep watching. Just like he did when he jumped off the side of the pool for the first time, and pedaled his […]

Through The Lens Thursday: Tall

Before I get into this week’s prompt, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew my co-TTLTer’s news…Alison had her babies! She delivered her twins this week at 34 weeks, and they’re doing great. Still in the NICU but growing and feeding and getting stronger every day. Go show […]

Catch Me If You Can #HuggiesTester

My littlest guy is our last one, and the last one in diapers. While I should probably be celebrating, it’s possible that I’m not really looking forward to potty training him, because that means he’s one step closer to leaving the baby behind.

He doesn’t make it easy, though. I’m not […]

#bullynomore Twitter Party and Giveaway!

Have you had to deal with bullies? Have your kids had run-ins with bullies at school, or in sports, or have they even bullied someone else? 

I’ve had the chance to read, with my kids, a new children’s book by Dicy McCullough that is written from the unique perspective of the […]

Where Did My Baby Go? #iPPP

My Boo Boo is turning one on Saturday.SIGH.I spent several days this last week cleaning out closets and packing up clothes to donate, and it got me all weepy to put those little bitty clothes away (from all of the kids). I also packed up my maternity clothes, but that’s […]

Dear Blanket,

We’ve been through so much, and I appreciate you. Yes, I realize that I’m 31 years old, but you’re pretty close to that, too, and we’ve grown up together.You know that my husband makes fun of me for sleeping with you every night, but just between us? I think he’s […]

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