Celebrating a Special Dad with #KCSteaks

Read on and you’ll find a coupon code AND giveaway…

So, my husband is hard to buy for (if you continue to read this, babe, just act surprised on the 19th). If he wants something, he buys it. If you ask him for ideas, he doesn’t have any,

I’m not alone in this struggle, right?

And Father’s Day is coming up. How do we show our love and appreciation to the guy that works extremely hard for our family but also wants nothing more than to get to spend time with us? It’s tough for him and it’s difficult to do something that shows how much we recognize and thank him for that.

It’s also tough to want to take the entire family out for dinner for a special day when there are six of us (half of whom have dietary restrictions), especially on a holiday when everybody is taking their favorite dads out so traffic is bad and waits are long.

We want him to relax on Father’s Day, and that doesn’t really involve driving for an hour with hungry kids and possibly a grumpy wife trying to herd them, right? I mean, really.


So with this busy and stressful year, we’re going the better (and more meaningful) route by staying in, showering him with homemade (secret) presents and steak. I’ll even cook it rare to really show my love (because, ew). It won’t be calm (hello, four kids), but it will be less crowded and more relaxing for everyone involved.

Doesn’t that sound, like, perfect?! In fact, with help from Kansas City Steak Company’s Big Daddy Combo, we could actually celebrate all weekend or for every meal on Father’s Day…maybe eggs and strip steaks for breakfast, T-Bones and baked potatoes for lunch, and Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon for dinner. That’s not overkill for our favorite guy, is it?

So now that I’ve shared my brilliant Father’s Day plans, you’re probably thinking your husband (or dad or grandpa) should be treated like a steak-eating king, too, right? So how about a coupon code, and a giveaway?!

To save 15% on and order from Kansas City Steak Company, including the Big Daddy Combo, use code LUVDAD (good through December 31, 2016 and on all purchases).

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One comment– tell me who you want to treat (on Father’s Day or any day) and why.

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Thank you so much to the Kansas City Steak Company for sending the Big Daddy Combo for the Big Daddy at our house. I wasn’t otherwise compensated for this post and that’s not even the point of steak on Father’s Day, is it? All opinions of delicious steak (rare or well done) are totally my own.

*Filet Mignon is the Kansas City Steak Company’s best-selling steak, pure and simple. This filet mignon is king — butter-tender, cut from the center of the finest aged tenderloin and hand selected from premium corn-fed Kansas beef.

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Giveaway is open to US residents only, and entries must be in by 10 pm central, June 11.

Happy Father’s Day, Babe!

Due to crappy work circumstances, my husband can’t be home for Father’s Day and we don’t know when we’ll be able to see him again. But, we didn’t want to miss a chance to celebrate our favorite man of the house, daddy, hubs.

I asked the kids to let me take a picture just for him, and to tell me their favorite things about him. Here’s what they said:

What Essie loves most about her daddy:

1. trying to tickle him.

2. going swimming with him

3. playing games on his phone

4. laying on him on the couch


What Henry loves most:

1. when he lets us go swimming

2. when he plays Minecraft with me

3. when he makes us pancakes on weekends


What Ivy loves most:

1. when he throws me in the swimming pool

2. when he makes us pancakes and cookies

3. playing on his phone and trying to tickle him

4. when he takes us outside to play

5. Friday night slumber parties


What Ervin loves most:

1. playing on his phone and tabwet

2. sleeping on his bed

3. playing Minecwaft on his compudah


What I love most about him (as a daddy):

1. That he worries about them maybe more than I do

2. That he takes them swimming

3. That he figures out how to make gluten free things because we want them (and for no other reason)

4. That he makes movies with them and puts his heart into editing them, then shows them to us at random times so we can laugh and remember

5. That he has made traditions with them that he enjoys as much as they do, like Friday night slumber parties

6. That he does things they want him to and doesn’t care what other people think (like letting them paint his toenails)

7. That he tries his best to do the girls’ hair

8. That he calls to video chat just to see us when he’s gone

9. That he calls to talk sternly to the kids when they’re driving me nuts and not listening to me

10. That he’s a big softie when it comes to these four, and would do just about anything to protect them.

erv party 45

We love you babe, and miss you like crazy. Happy Father’s Day!

erv party 5

Catching Up?

I know….I have been a total slacker on the blog-front lately. Between moving, sample sales, a trip to Independence, potty training and general summer activities, I haven’t had the time or energy to update this darn thing! I’ve been eager to, though, and told myself that I WOULD post tonight. And it will probably be the first in a series of posts.

Father’s Day:
This was Tyson’s 2nd ever Father’s Day, and his first as a biological father. Of course, we had to make it special. I’m not allowed to tell you all what he got as a gift (at least, until his mother finds out), but suffice it to say, it’s the same thing he got last year. Hmmm….mysterious, isn’t it?

We went out to lunch with the kids and my parents, and it was another repeat of last year. We went to the same steak house in Lawrence that we went to last year for Father’s Day with HIS parents.

This is my favorite picture of the day:

Here’s cranky-pants with grandma:

Here’s goofball with grandpa:

And the obligatory “me” shot, just to prove I was there:

I hope you had a great day, babe! We love you!