Five. Already. For Real This Time.

The baby. My Boo. Today he turns five. FIVE! He’s been saying for the last year (or two) that he was five years old, but today, he really is. He’s been at home with me for five solid years, and in a few short months, he’ll […]

Here We Go, 2016.

I have some goals for 2016, and while some of them aren’t earth-shattering, work every day towards them or it won’t happen goals, I always think it helps me to write them down. One, for accountability…I don’t like letting people down (though obviously I do, sometimes), and two, so I […]

Back To Bed.

He came downstairs this morning with his most perfect pouty face.

“I was trying to take a nap, but you guys waked me up.”

So he went back upstairs to his bed.

I heard him singing to himself for a bit, but then got quiet.

After awhile, he came back downstairs, and he was […]

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

~~~Is it summer yet? Because I’m already sick of all the cold weather laundry and it’s barely even begun to be cold.

~~~These pictures of baby Essie with a Mohawk make me say things like “wook at the boodee widdle boonieboodieawwwwww”

~~~And then looking at 6 year old Essie right after makes […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Cut

The boys are cut from the same cloth. Henry is more outspoken and eager to talk to anyone, anywhere, and Ervin is shy and not very social or open, but they both love a lot of the same things and act the same way at home and pretty much […]

My Favorite Volunteer Work

I’ve been waiting all year to get a chance to go in and help out in Erv’s preschool class.

Two years ago, I was in Essie’s class once a week, helping with center activities and getting to know her classmates.

Two years before that, I was in Ivy’s class once in a […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Plant and Happy

Do you ever get so sucked into some book or TV show or whatever that you can’t think about anything else? (YEAH. duh.) That’s where I’ve been lately with the Harry Potter series, and it’s been really, really hard to want to go back to regular life. Now I’ve finished […]

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Through the Lens Thursday: Catch Up

It’s ridiculous how behind I got on this, and how overwhelmed I’ve been lately. (Breathe) But Clare has been dedicated to this project and I refuse to let her go it alone! So, here are a few weeks’ worth of pictures to get me caught up. DRAWN: The narwhal Ivy […]

Letting Go.

Patience has never been a strength of mine. Since I was little, I’ve tried to find out what my presents were before the holidays happened. I get tired of waiting on people when I’m ready to go somewhere or be done with something. My least favorite time of year is […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Triangle

I may have bribed him. We were going to the doctor for his four year well-child check, and our nurse had said that the “kindergarten shots” could be given at any time between ages four and six. I was already feeling so very behind, like a completely unprepared preschool […]