Through the Lens Thursday: Stars and Celebration (THE END)

As I write this, it’s 11pm on Dec. 31, 2015. I’m not sorry to see December go, and it’s very existence has clouded my view of 2015 as a whole, so I don’t even know how I feel about the incoming new year right now. I do know that […]

I Had To Help Her Move.

I never wanted an elf in our house, but the kids have them in their classrooms and kept asking when we’ll have one in our house. So last year, I got one that didn’t look like that skinny little Elf on the Shelf and tried to remember to move her […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Alive

You never feel more alive than when you’re watching an elementary school Christmas program about Santa and his reindeer going back in time and meeting the dinosaurs. Am I right? Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that I’m doing again this year. Next […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Packed

  During our family photo shoot, one of these kids was packed with attitude. Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that I’m doing again this year. Next week’s prompt is ALIVE.

Have Yourself a Dino Little Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, John Hammond gave to me…

Henry made up the 12 Days of Christmas: Jurassic Park Edition yesterday.

Just try not to sing along.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, John Hammond gave to me:

Twelve pteranadons

Eleven mosasaurs

Ten ACU*

Nine tyranosaurs

Eight dino fights

Seven saurapods

Six DNA samples

Five gyrosphere rides

Four spinosaurs

Three stegosaurs

Two […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Muted

This is how we usually spend Thanksgiving….I cook the meal, some of it gets eaten, then we decorate for Christmas. This year, it rained all day so the outdoor décor didn’t get done. We’ll see if it ever gets done at this point. You should be glad there’s no sound […]

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

~~~Is it summer yet? Because I’m already sick of all the cold weather laundry and it’s barely even begun to be cold.

~~~These pictures of baby Essie with a Mohawk make me say things like “wook at the boodee widdle boonieboodieawwwwww”

~~~And then looking at 6 year old Essie right after makes […]

Through the Lens Thursday: Smile

I tried to take pictures of our family last Sunday for our holiday cards this year, because (to be real) I had a good blow out from the salon on Saturday and I didn’t want to waste it. It was also a pretty nice day out, and I didn’t want […]

Project 365: Week 52 (and a 1/2)

Yeah. This is late. Motivation around the holidays is tough. I’m just going to finish up there year here, kay? Dec. 21 Christmas celebration #1, with our family in AR. Dec. 22 We went to see a movie with my good friend and her kids, Aunt Ginny and […]

Through the Lens Thursday: New

Happy New Year! I drank Moscato Spumanti Champagne (or something) last night and was asleep by 11. So I’m just assuming it’s 2015 now!

Christmas, new presents, new new new.

I have a lot to say about the new year, and the old one. But I’m also the old one and headed […]