The Unraveling of Mercy Louis (A Book Review)

You guys know I’ve been reading a ton lately, gobbling up all of the recommended books my library could give me, and I was intrigued by the chance to read and review a book being released this March.

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis is about Mercy, a small town basketball star, […]

This House Needs a Mouse: A Review

My kids don’t need more stuff for Christmas, but I’m always buying them new books. They’re the perfect gift really….you can always find one to suit a child, and there’s one for every age and stage.

If we hadn’t already gotten This House Needs A Mouse, it’d be on my list […]

Getting the Behavior I Want

I’m gonna be real with y’all. Like, really, really real. I’ve been solo parenting for two solid weeks now, and Thanksgiving is stressing me out. I just lost my mind on my kids as I put them to bed, with like, an adult style tantrum. I threw toys down the […]

Rare Bird, A Book Review

I think I discovered Anna’s blog, An Inch of Gray, after the freak accident that took her son. At least. that’s when I dug deep and read all I could, heartbroken for her and wondering how in the world she could find the words to talk about that horrible day […]

Suburban Haiku (The Book): A Review and Giveaway

I’ve been following @SuburbanHaiku on Twitter FOR.EVER. I’m pretty sure she was one of my first follows there, and every time I saw one of the haikus come through my stream, I laughed out loud and retweeted it.

Fast forward a few years, and I “liked” Suburban Haiku on Facebook, and […]

A Lady In France: A Review

Jennie Goutet lives just outside of Paris with her three children. Just reading her blog, a Lady in France, you come to know her as a graceful, thoughtful presence and friend. Her memoir serves as a glimpse into her extraordinary life, while simultaneously prompting a very real desire to sit […]

A Day To Remember: A Review


I know a lot of bloggers that have dreams of writing and publishing a book, and I believe they will, because I know some talented writers. I also have the pleasure of knowing a blogger that DID come out with her own children’s book, and she was gracious enough to […]