A thousand words and a hundred thousand more.

I remember a lot about those last couple of months of 2006. I remember our last Halloween, the first trick-or-treating. I remember visiting my grandparents and Henry playing with our old toys and running in the leaf-filled yard on a beautiful, warm fall day. I remember that night. […]

The Wondering. #iPPP

Welcome to #iPPP! Sarah at The Sunday Spill and I want to see your funny, your yummy, your heartfelt, your favorite phone photos of the week. All you need is a blog post containing at least one photo from any phone camera. Link up below!

This is the piece that I […]

Hugs for the Holidays: Dealing with Loss of a Spouse

I don’t remember much about the first Christmas after my husband died. It was only about three weeks after the accident, probably two weeks after the funeral.

I do remember two things:

I had written a letter to my family and friends to tell them that I was two months pregnant with […]

My Life In Numbers

32- the number of years I’ve been on this earth

1999- the year I graduated high school

2- the number of classes I dropped in college

0- the number of classes I failed in college

3- the number of colleges I attended (1 during high school, 1 undergrad, 1 graduate school)

2- the number of […]

A Letter #iPPP

Thanks for coming back for #iPPP this week! I hope you’ll link up your funniest, most inspirational, most beautiful, most ordinary phone camera pictures!


These kids are my world. Literally, my world revolves around them, all four of them.

I always thought I would have four kids. To me, it was the […]

To Their Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day, T.

You were the best thing that could have happened to the three (now five) of us.

Great Expectations: Paper, Scissors, Keyboard

Sherry Carr-Smith is a fellow remarried widow. I met her at Blissdom, and we FINALLY connected and had a chance to talk on the very last night. I had never met someone in real life that I related to so much on that level, and I was a blubbering mess […]