Gluten Free Friday: Italian Shrimp Soup

So, I was trying to jump start my weight loss a little, as I’d hit quite the plateau since our household went gluten free (I am SO CLOSE to my 40 lb goal, y’all), so I tried the Digest Diet. It was pretty restrictive, and I’m not so good with restrictive […]

Mommy Guilt Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

 If you live in the Kansas City area (or know someone who does), don’t forget to enter my Mother’s Day giveaway! 

Last week, my preschooler had bike day at school. It was supposed to coincide with W week (for wheels, you know) but of course, it was rained out. So, they […]

Why I Love Mother’s Day And A #giveaway

Do you love Mother’s Day as much as I do? Now that two of the kids are in school, they come home with little gifts that they’ve made; today I got a little sprout in a Styrofoam cup. I can’t wait to see what it grows up to be (Henry […]

Great Expectations: Mama’s Monologues

Kimberly Muro is the honest, supportive, talented writer behind Mama’s Monologues. Her posts are oh-so-relatable (I may have had one of these exact days….many times). She’s not afraid to share when she’s struggling, which is always refreshing for the rest of us to read.

Kim is also a fabulous designer, and such […]

When The Bee Stings

Most weekday mornings, I hit the snooze button three or four times. I rub my eyes, crawl out of bed, turn on the Keurig, and make breakfast.

I wake the (unwilling) kids and sit them at the table. They are met with warnings of what will happen if they don’t eat, […]

Great Expectations: Life As Wife

When I happened upon Samantha’s blog for the first time last year, I got so excited. I actually wished that my then-five-year-old son was a blog reader, because he would have LOVED the pirate theme. I still should show him, but then he’d ask every day to see it. Sam […]

Weeding It Up.







Project 365: Week 17

This has been a very exciting week, picture-wise, at the Double F Ranch (that’s what my hubs calls our house, because our two last names start with F. And now you know). I got out my camera manual, learned how to change the settings, and went to town. It was […]

Happy Friday!

Hi all! So, I didn’t get a Gluten Free Friday post up this week, because, well, I’m tired. I may have been slacking on taking my thyroid meds lately, and it might be starting to zap my energy. It can’t be the baby this time, because he’s finally started sleeping […]

Great Expectations: Reedster Speaks

I met Cindy (whom I refer to in my head only as “Reedster”) at Blissdom in February. We were both newbies, and well, maybe a little lost. Or at least, I was. We managed to hang out a little bit, at a couple of the parties, but not enough. Isn’t […]