She’s Posting AGAIN?! #NaBloPoMo

You may have noticed that I went from maybe posting twice a month for a while to posting every single day this week. You know what that means! It’s November and National Blog Posting Month (or NaBloPoMoSorta as I like to call it). I successfully posted every day last November […]

Open Boxes: A Book Review

Motherhood is tough. Motherhood during the age of Facebook, Instagram, and social media in general is FRIGGIN’ HARD. As a mother, it’s not easy giving yourself grace, or remembering that other people, no matter what their status updates read or their perfectly filtered pictures show, are just like you and […]

Fun (For Them) While It Lasted. #iPPP

Welcome to #iPPP! Sarah at The Sunday Spill and I want to see your funny, your yummy, your heartfelt, your favorite phone photos of the week. All you need is a blog post containing at least one photo from any phone camera. Link up below! (In case you missed last week, Sarah […]

Great Expectations: The Family Pants

Mama Pants is one of my new favorite bloggers, writing at The Adventures of the Family Pants. I met her through Twitter and #iPPP, and she is funny, kind, honest, and an all-around good person.

She is the fierce, loving mama to Mr. Pants and Ms. Plum, two ridiculously adorable children.

Mama […]

Sharing the Love During the Holiday Season

I love sending out holiday cards. I love choosing the picture(s), making the layout just right, choosing the perfect words to tell friends and family that we’re thinking of them and appreciate them.

You all know I absolutely love my new lens that I got for my birthday, so I couldn’t pass […]

Swapping, Bloggy-Style

While I was on #kidvacation last week, there was one day that was the Best. Mail. Day. Ever. Probably even better than any birthdays past.

That day, I got my Toy Repair Specialist t-shirt (which is awesome and I love it), I got a pair of Country Outfitter boots that I’ve worn […]

Turn Your Facebook Photos into a Book!

Plum District has an awesome deal this week on Winkiwoo photo books. Fill it with facebook photos or statuses. isn’t that where you post all of the best stuff anyway?
I made mine using pictures from the spring and summer, including all of the instagram pictures I had shared on facebook (also […]

Walking For Kittens.

It’s Wednesday (I think), so I’m including a picture with this post. An unrelated one, yes, but a picture nonetheless.

This is Skeeter. He showed up at my brother’s house a few days ago, and instead of letting my brother eat him for (an unsatisfying) breakfast, we took him in. For […]

Great Expectations: The Three Under

I can’t remember exactly when or how I met Farrah, but I knew that I would relate to her. She’s got twin toddlers (I don’t, of course), but she’s also got a preschooler. That’s three boys, three and under. Oh yes. That’s what she writes about in her blog, The […]

Project 365: Week 20

I decided this week that since I’m starting to get a little more comfortable using my camera in manual mode, but still need lots and lots of practice, I was going to make a point to get it out every day and use it. And I have. So, while I […]