The Fault In Our Stars: A Book Review #momsreading

I’m honored to be co-hosting the Moms Reading Facebook chat this Wednesday with Laura of Mommy Miracles!

I chose this month’s book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, after hearing excellent reviews of it by friends.

And for good reason…it really is an excellent book. I don’t have a lot of time […]

A Lady In France: A Review

Jennie Goutet lives just outside of Paris with her three children. Just reading her blog, a Lady in France, you come to know her as a graceful, thoughtful presence and friend. Her memoir serves as a glimpse into her extraordinary life, while simultaneously prompting a very real desire to sit […]

My #JamberryChallenge

I have a good friend, Amanda of It’s Blogworthy, that has been a huge support of my Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser this fall, and is a Florida, full-time working mama to one boy and one girl (on the way). Anyway, she’s a rep for Jamberry nails, which I was […]

Album Review: Court Yard Hounds #CYHAmelita

I’m a sucker for cool chicks that can sing, play instruments, and write their own songs. I’m not a fan of country music, except the occasional female-lead, strong-lyric-and-melody-based, dance-or-sway-without-realizing-it country-pop.

I also really like to have (kid-friendly) music to listen to in the mornings, while we’re eating breakfast and getting ready […]

A Day To Remember: A Review


I know a lot of bloggers that have dreams of writing and publishing a book, and I believe they will, because I know some talented writers. I also have the pleasure of knowing a blogger that DID come out with her own children’s book, and she was gracious enough to […]

Kenya Moore-Booty Boot Camp (DVD Review)

I had the opportunity to review a fun new workout video, featuring Kenya Moore (of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame), called Booty Boot Camp. And let me tell ya….Kenya is qualified to teach us all. Her booty? amazing. Her whole body, really. And she’s easy to watch and […]

Four Flying Fairy Wings

When Essie was born, I wasn’t sure that she’d be as girly as her big sister. She was louder, played rougher, and looked more like a tomboy than a princess. And she’s tough. Oh yeah. But as she’s gotten older (possibly from the influence of her big sister), she’s become […]

Outdoor Movie Night #summerbucketlist

We went out at dusk (also known as the kids’ later summer bedtime), unfolded the camping chairs and settled in.

T started the projector (pointed at the garage door), and I got up fifteen times: made and delivered three bowls of popcorn, borrowed and lit the citronella coil, took the little […]

Memorial Day (Mini) Road Trippin’

I’ve said it before (many times)….my kids get car sick. On any given trip, at least one will throw up. My oldest has grown out of most of it, but he still occasionally blows chunks. The two year old? It’s a regular occurrence for her.

I’ve found that one hour seems […]

Family Movie Night: We Speak For The Trees

My kids like TV. A lot. In the afternoons, when the girls are having “quiet time”, they’re usually watching a a show or a movie. When all of them have had a long day and need to wind down, I put in a movie. If I’m tired and it’s raining, […]