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Open Boxes: A Book Review

Motherhood is tough. Motherhood during the age of Facebook, Instagram, and social media in general is FRIGGIN’ HARD. As a mother, it’s not easy giving yourself grace, or remembering that other people, no matter what their status updates read or their perfectly filtered pictures show, are just like you and have difficult days, too. ChristineContinue Reading

#KC Starlight Broadway Series: Cinderella

Despite a forecast that said the rain would clear by 8pm, or at the very least, the second act, we sat in a heavy-to-moderate drizzle for the entire production of Cinderella last night. The two girls, my mom and I went, but no one complained (even me…the complainer). We bought $1 ponchos and it wasContinue Reading

#KC Starlight Broadway Series: Pippin

  I’m going to be honest…I googled Pippin a couple of times before going to the show and read the press release, and I still wasn’t able to say what it was about or know what to expect. I knew that it was about a prince who’s trying to find purpose in his life. AndContinue Reading

#KC Starlight Broadway Series: Annie

Everyone’s favorite redheaded orphan is on her way to Starlight Theatre, and she’s bringing her orphan friends, rescued pup Sandy and LOTS of fun family entertainment with her! The national touring production of ANNIE is in town for only three nights as it plays a special Broadway weekend engagement at Starlight from Friday, June 19Continue Reading

#KC Starlight Broadway Series: Camelot

The second show in Starlight’s 65th Broadway series is Camelot! I took Henry with me for this one, because not only does he like the big musical productions (though he won’t readily admit it), he also is a boy that loooooves fight scenes. I thought this would be perfect. We were given tickets to openingContinue Reading

#KC Starlight Broadway Series: Million Dollar Quartet

I’m so excited to get to experience the Broadway shows at Kansas City’s Starlight Theatre again this summer and review them for you. So. Excited. And it’s already time for the first show!! Starlight’s 65th season opens this Memorial Day weekend with the national touring production of Million Dollar Quartet. Featuring the electrifying music of ElvisContinue Reading

Lose the Cape: How to Drop the Mom Guilt

Sometimes I feel like social media is out to get me. Like, if my own kids don’t drive me crazy one day, Facebook will. Or I see a blog post that blasts moms doing a certain thing, making them feel “less than,” or beautiful Pinterest-inspired parties that make me think that my own parties willContinue Reading

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis (A Book Review)

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis (A Book Review)

You guys know I’ve been reading a ton lately, gobbling up all of the recommended books my library could give me, and I was intrigued by the chance to read and review a book being released this March. The Unraveling of Mercy Louis is about Mercy, a small town basketball star, Illa, the tiny, invisibleContinue Reading

This House Needs a Mouse: A Review

My kids don’t need more stuff for Christmas, but I’m always buying them new books. They’re the perfect gift really….you can always find one to suit a child, and there’s one for every age and stage. If we hadn’t already gotten This House Needs A Mouse, it’d be on my list to pick up andContinue Reading

Getting the Behavior I Want

I’m gonna be real with y’all. Like, really, really real. I’ve been solo parenting for two solid weeks now, and Thanksgiving is stressing me out. I just lost my mind on my kids as I put them to bed, with like, an adult style tantrum. I threw toys down the hall, for crying out loud.Continue Reading