Project 365: Week 52 (and a 1/2)

Yeah. This is late. Motivation around the holidays is tough. I’m just going to finish up there year here, kay? Dec. 21 Christmas celebration #1, with our family in AR. Dec. 22 We went to see a movie with my good friend and her kids, Aunt Ginny and […]

Project 365: Week 51

I can’t believe the year is almost over. Dec. 14 We went to see a local production the Nutcracker, infused with Kansas history. Dec. 15 Christmas program day (with a  cowboy theme), and the day my son and daughter took their first selfie together. Dec. 16 […]

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Project 365: Week 50

Dec. 7 I just can’t even with the Build A Bear vest and the sleeping puppy face. Dec. 8 I don’t seem to have taken a picture, but I did share this one of Erv at 8 months old. Dec. 9 Reading some bedtime stories in the morning. […]

Project 365: Week 49

We’re so close to the end of the year, I can’t believe it. Nov. 30 We had lunch with my in-laws on Sunday, and my MIL headed home from her weekend with us. Dec. 1 December! December is for fancy stuffed animal clothes, I guess. Dec. 2 I […]

Project 365: Week 48

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I broke my NaBloPoMo streak on the last day by forgetting to do the past I’ve already done 47 times this year. Ha. Ha ha ha.

I almost did that.

Nov. 23
I don’t really know, except I was done with solo parenting. DO-NE.

Nov. 24
Stu- stu- studious.

Nov. 25
Ivy […]

Project 365: Week 47

Nov. 16 Even after the kids go to bed, I’ve still got somebody wanting thisclose to me. Nov. 17 I love bloggy friends, and I super love when they send me lovely things in the mail, like this stripey hand-painted card from Clare of Girl Fifteen, who has been […]

Project 365: Week 46

This was not an exciting week, but it was a cold one.

Nov. 9 Hub’s birthday! It was low-key, like he likes it. And then we slept.

Nov. 10
I really shouldn’t take him anywhere close to lunch time without feeding him first.

Nov. 11
He took four baths that day. FOUR. […]

Project 365: Week 45

Today’s my husband’s birthday! He’s so old! Happy birthday, babe!! Wait, seriously, only seven weeks left. IN THE YEAR?? Gosh…I wonder if I’ll do this for the third (fourth?) year in a row. Nov. 2 Ivy begged and begged to get an easel, and grandma obliged. Nov. 3 […]

Project 365: Week 44

This week led up to Halloween plus Drug-free week activities, and then POOF! November. Oct. 26 I actually did something spontaneous with the whole family on Sunday! (that never happens) I looked up a local city guide, saw that there was a ballet/dance Halloween production going on that afternoon, bought […]

Project 365: Week 43

We’re gearing up for Halloween, but not as much as everybody else, I guess…we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend, but nobody dressed up for parties or anything. And is it weird that I’m sad that I won’t be dressing up? I mean, I guess I could, but we’re […]