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My Tribe

A lot has happened in the last six months (obviously) but there’s one thing that changed drastically and has made a huge difference in my life.

I’m an introvert (tell us something we don’t know, Greta), and I’ve always had close girl friends that I can pick up right where we left off, no matter how long it’s been between visits (you know who you are). I cherish those friendships that will likely last a lifetime, and I miss those girls when I don’t get to see them. That’s a given. But I don’t go out to parties or social things that involve people I don’t know very well, it makes me super uncomfortable. I’d rather go to a coffee shop and talk over a latte for two hours with one or two people. In the last few months, though, a friendship has developed with two local moms (local, as in, ten minutes away and local, as in, unheard of in my adult life). I don’t even really know how it started, but we’ve become a trio of gals that chat every single day, at least a little bit, even just to check in on those super busy days we all have, go to each other first when we need to vent, get ideas, or just talk to someone over four feet tall. We also have gone out several times on days when we really, really needed a night away from momming. Those have been planned and completely spontaneous, both. Adult beverages or not, that time away is so good for the soul (the weary, overwhelmed, mom-first, woman-second soul).

I’ve always known that adult friendships are important, and getting time away from the family is super important, but I didn’t really have that before. I’m really, really thankful for them. You know who you are.

my tribe

Losing Steam

I sit in one dining room chair, my feet under the table and up on another, warm in yesterday’s workout clothes (that may or may not have seen a workout yesterday), the smell of a breakfast burrito and coffee losing steam and a classical song on Little Einsteins gaining it. This is my morning, aContinue Reading

Which hat do I wear today?

I’m a stay at home mom, so I do all kinds of fun jobs every day. Some days, my proudest accomplishment is that of a Toy Repair Specialist. This was my first foray into toy repair: Baby Sheep was Henry’s beloved stuffed animal. But one day during nap time, when Henry had just turned four,Continue Reading

To Produce, Or Not To Produce. #mondaylisticles

Just Jennifer picked this week’s Monday Listicles topic, and I’m afraid I might have to make two lists. Let me explain…Jennifer wrote: “I would love for everyone to write 10 reasons why you do or do not want more children!”Well. This is a good topic, but not one that I really know how to answer.Continue Reading