Team Up With Me For Kansas Kids!

As a mom of four (three in school), it’s not always easy to insist on healthy foods, physical activity and healthy habits. Most days, it’s hard to get all four kids out of bed, eating breakfast and out the door in time for school. It takes some creativity to find […]

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To be three (in haiku)

I dare you, defy! You can’t argue forever Or maybe you can.   The demands don’t end. Up at dawn and down too late. You are exhausting.   Real: bedtime struggles when dealing with threenagers. They want what they want.   Oh, you look so sweet. You finally closed your […]

My Personal Bubble Has Been Popped

So, I’ve been solo parenting for a week now, and it’s not going to end any time soon (relatively….you know, for a mom of four young kids in the beginning of winter….another week and a half feels like FOREVER), but the hardest part this time around isn’t just the lack […]

Saturday Confessional

School mornings are hard. We’re late getting out the door a lot, and there are a lot of fights about whether the youngest needs to go with us (obviously he does) or if he needs to wear shoes or if another one came home with both gloves and a hat […]

What I Wore Wednesday

I’ve never done a “what I wore” post (I don’t think) but I thought NaBloPoMo would be as good a time as any. I love fall, and the fall to winter transition, because I get to layer all of my cozy clothes and find new favorites. I did that […]

A Season For Giving And Purging

After talking with some friends last week about messes and how much crap we have in our houses, I got the gumption to clean and purge over the weekend. I don’t normally go through toys with my kids at home, because OHMYGOODNESS EVERYTHING IS EXCITING AND NEW AGAIN, but there […]

Five Random Things.

So, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting a lot here this week….once a day, in fact. This is strange, I know….but I decided last weekend to take part in NaBloPoMo. It’s National Blog Posting Month, which is basically where you post on your blog every day in the […]

Messes. I hate them.

My house is messy. Try as I might, I can’t keep up with the little wrappers, the random toys, the dirty clothes my kids have strewn about. I hope that one day (oh dear God, PLEASE, someday) that my kids will automatically pick up their stuff and put it away […]

Halloween Costumes: 2014 Edition

While Friday morning was a bit of a disaster, with costume elements missing all over the place and everyone getting to school late, we made it and it turned out to be a pretty awesome day.

I actually loved the kids’ costume choices this year. It would’ve been awesome for them […]

Keeping a Gluten Free Kid Healthy at Holiday Parties

Tomorrow is Halloween, as you are aware. And if your school is anything like ours, your kids will be celebrating with more parties and treats than they know what to do with. This was one of the reasons I was nervous about sending my gluten free daughters to school. […]