Learning to Fly

The weather has been warming up and the week before school gets out I go out to meet the kids off of the bus. As they run down the driveway, I see something hopping on the rocks right in front of them. I tell them to stop, hold up!, see what […]

The End of An Era.

As of this Friday we will officially be on summer break and summer break will go by entirely too fast. This is the last school year that I will have a child at home with me all day every day.

In the fall, even the baby will be in preschool three […]

I Am I Wonder I Want

I am a woman first.
I wonder if I’ll always feel like a teenager.
I see the feelings in little faces.
I want to not lose that.
I am a proud mom.

I pretend upon request.
I feel (too) deeply.
I touch the curls, the sweat, the little toes.
I worry about everything,
I cry less than […]

Lose the Cape: How to Drop the Mom Guilt

Sometimes I feel like social media is out to get me. Like, if my own kids don’t drive me crazy one day, Facebook will. Or I see a blog post that blasts moms doing a certain thing, making them feel “less than,” or beautiful Pinterest-inspired parties that make me think […]

Puppy Anxiety

How do I know that I’m getting older but still need some baby love sometimes? Louise went to the vet to get “fixed” last week, and I missed her like crazy, and also worried about her like a mom taking her child in for a procedure would. Okay, not quite […]

Thankfulness: Then and Now

I was a scrooge yesterday about Thanksgiving,  I know. But like I said, I do have a lot to be thankful for (and I know it). The things I’m thankful for now, though, are much different than the things I was thankful for growing up.

Then: Baking pumpkin pies with my […]

I Hate Thanksgiving.

Okay, I don’t hate all of Thanksgiving. I hate what Thanksgiving has become for me. I love talking about what I’m thankful for, I love hearing my kids talk about what they’re thankful for. I love that Thanksgiving day has become the day we stay home and decorate for […]

Is It Enough

I often feel completely inadequate as a mother. I try my best, I do, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel good enough. I yell too much. I can’t keep a clean house. I don’t play with them. I lose my temper far too quickly. I love my kids fiercely, but […]

Getting the Behavior I Want

I’m gonna be real with y’all. Like, really, really real. I’ve been solo parenting for two solid weeks now, and Thanksgiving is stressing me out. I just lost my mind on my kids as I put them to bed, with like, an adult style tantrum. I threw toys down the […]

The Yearly Grouping

I’m a sucker for family pictures, and with NaBloPoMo making me all nostalgic and this year’s photo session looming, I took a little look back.

(Sorry for the pictures of pictures with the first few….posting every day makes me lazy)

Single momming it (the first year):

And the second:

Our first family photo […]