First of the Lasts (Grand Finale LTYM Show Piece)

This is what I read in our grand finale Listen To Your Mother: Kansas City show yesterday. I wrote it between our first and second (final) rehearsals, and my son gave me his blessing to read it in front of the audience (while he was helping me get the show […]

My Brain is a Scary, Crowded Place

In just under two weeks (12 days but who’s counting), our Kansas City area cast of Listen To Your Mother will be taking the stage at Liberty Hall.

To say that it’s a roller coaster of emotions for me is maybe a bit of an understatement.

It feels a little like having […]

Buzz Buzz A-Buzz Buzz Buzz

As I write this (Monday night), I’ve spent the day talking to various people about our Listen To Your Mother show in 2016. I have literally been buzzing with excitement about the progress and decisions we’ve made, and those we will make in the next few months. As I […]

Listen To Me (OMG)

I can’t even believe I’m typing this right now. I’m OVER THE DANG MOON right now. You may have seen the announcement? This has been my dream since I was a cast member in the very first Listen To Your Mother-Kansas City show in 2013. Uh huh. OH […]