April Fools #ippp

The eight year old has been talking about April Fool’s Day all week. He’s been plotting, planning, and reading up on it.

Specifically, from April Fool’s Day From the Black Lagoon*.

He asked me last night if they could have muffins for breakfast, so he could stick Lego guys (that he didn’t like […]

Birth and Death Together #iPPP

I stand over his high chair as he tentatively takes a finger scoop of red icing, poised with my camera to capture the first taste. I see the look of pleasant surprise, and the twinkle in his eye as he digs further into the small circular cake each time, finally […]

Things are happening around here. #iPPP

It’s safe to say that I’m burned out on training for a half marathon. It just is….no one will argue.

I started training for the Disney World Half back in September, and while I was training for that, I signed up for another one here in Kansas CIty in April. I […]

Let It Go, Winter. #iPPP

I think this winter has done me in. I woke up Sunday in a foul, foul mood and never came out of it. Even after sending everyone upstairs and getting on the treadmill (which usually turns a woke up on the wrong side of the bed day around), I still […]

Check Up. Buy Food. Cut Hair. #iPPP

Things the Toddler Doctor says:

I have to bam her.

I need to check your bwod (blood).

That wooks vewy good.

Say ahhhh (and shoves the tool down my throat).

Around these parts, we call it the “Super Market” (thanks, Nick Jr.), and we loooove going.

It was haircut time.

After Flock of Seagulls, I was still […]

Valentine’s Day Shenanigans. #iPPP

We actually paid babysitters on Valentine’s Day (because my parents live so close to us, we’ve never had to before), and we had close to four whole hours by ourselves.

We had sushi (well, I had sushi and T had sushi and steak)! And I got sushi to take home for […]

Love and Sunshine #iPPP

In case you weren’t aware, Valentine’s Day is Friday. So, in honor of that, I thought I’d share how I show my love.

(Every mom is different. I do things that other moms wouldn’t dream of doing, and vice versa. No judgment.)

1. Superhero surgery.

2. Hugs and kisses before bed.

3. Love notes […]

Leading the Way #iPPP

The snow started while the kids ate breakfast, and continued while we drove to school. I took them inside, got them settled in the warm, lively building and shielded my ears and eyes as I walked back out to the car.

I sat with the warm air blowing at my feet […]

Four Years Old #iPPP

So, on January 27th, 2010, I published my very first blog post. Back then I had a blogspot.com address and had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes I still don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, but I’ve gotten a little better at this blogging thing (maybe?).

A lot […]

Real Life Princesses and Dancing Fools #iPPP

We went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend. The girls are FASCINATED by weddings, and brides, and fancy dresses. And a reception with a dance floor and free-flowing sweets is the perfect Saturday night for the 2-8 age range.

I’ve never heard of tossing sprinkles before, but Erv thought it was […]