Great Expectations: Time Crafted

Karen writes at her blog, Time Crafted, and her tagline is this: Time Crafted (verb): The act of altering personal time to include creativity, joy & smile worthy moments in our daily lives.

Isn’t that just…The BEST? Karen is using owning the word CREATE for her theme of 2013, and she […]

Great Expectations: Multitasking Mumma

Leighann is the nicheless writer at Multitasking Mumma. She is an amazing person and friend that I’ve gotten to know in the blogging world. She writes honestly and openly about suffering from Postpartum Depression and Bipolar Disorder, while sharing the joy and happiness that her beautiful little girl brings her.

I’m honored […]

Great Expectations: Back To Allen

When Lisa from Back to Allen agreed to do a Great Expectations post for me, it was before Listen To Your Mother was really on anybody’s radar. I just thought that Lisa was a great writer from the KC area, and after meeting her once, a lovely person that I would totally hang out with again (and again and again). But somehow, her post came the week after we were both chosen for the LTYM-KC show, which feels like an

Great Expectations: The Sunday Spill

You already know my guest today as the co-host of #iPPP and the writer at the Sunday Spill. Sarah is a fellow mom of four little ones, and wears many, many hats (wife, mom, photographer, doula, waterbirth expert, childbirth educator, writer). She’s the very inspirational blogger behind the self-portait a day […]

Great Expectations: Angela Youngblood

Angela is one of my very favorite people on the entire internet, and I’ve barely spoken to her. We met briefly at Blissdom last year, but it wasn’t until after the conference that we really connected. I’m so excited to see her at Blissdom again this month, to chat with […]

Great Expectations: Sellabit Mum

Tracy has been blogging at Sellabit Mum about her life in Minnesota with three daughters, a husband, and two cats since 2008. She is beautiful, smart, and classy, and uses humor to make observations about her girls and her life. She is a runner (a marathoner, even) and is working to change […]

Great Expectations: The Miss Elaine-ous Life

Elaine writes at The Miss Elaine-ous Life, where she shares “random acts of life, family, and photos”. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Elaine online, and am really looking forward to meeting her at Blissdom next month. She has three ADORABLE kids and a wonderful marriage to her […]

Great Expectations: Alex of Late Enough

Alex writes at Late Enough, about her family, parenting, marriage, politics, religion, zombies. She’s incredibly open and honest, like in this post about her marriage. And awesome, because she followed it up with this post (seriously, go see it. It’s adorable.). But you really need to start with her Best of […]

Great Expectations: Mommy Miracles

I recently became acquainted with Laura of Mommy Miracles, and I’m so glad I did. She’s the mother of two incredibly handsome little boys, an amazing photographer, and has been blogging for almost TEN years. She shares on her site that she met her husband through blogging, and has documented […]

Great Expectations: Robin of Farewell, Stranger

Robin writes at Farewell, Stranger. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at Blissdom last year, and she is just as kind and supportive in real life as she is online.

Stop over and read this post called Becoming Real, about losing yourself when you become a mother. Isn’t […]