Great Expectations: Midwestern Berliners

Hillary writes at Midwestern Berliners. She’s living in the Midwest, is the mom of two girls, and the wife of one Andy. She’s working on her PhD dissertation, and the blog name comes from some time that she and her family lived in Berlin while she was doing doctoral research. […]

Great Expectations: What Now and Why

Arnebya writes at What Now and Why, and she’s pretty much hysterical, no two ways about it. She’s not afraid to write what’s on her mind, and her honesty is refreshing. Check out her Facebook page for a lot of “did she really just say that??” statuses. She lives in […]

Great Expectations: Nicolette Springer

Nicolette writes at Working on a Project, and it’s fitting that she’d be my Memorial Day guest, because it always looks like she and her family are having so much fun and making the most out of their time together. She’s the mother of a preschooler and a BRAND NEW […]

Great Expectations: A Lady In France

Every once in a while, you come across a blogger/writer that has an amazing, unique story to tell. Lady Jennie does, for sure. She writes at A Lady In France, and is working on her memoir, Life In The Trenches, publishing it in chapters on her blog in hopes of […]

Great Expectations: A Renaissance Woman

I love introducing you to other members of the Mamavation sistahood, because all of the women are amazing. Different, but supportive and strong. Pamela is one of them, and writes at A Renaissance Woman: A Modern, Motivated, Multitasking Mom. She’s an educated woman with adorable kids (as you can clearly […]

Great Expectations: Just Jeanae

I’ve met some amazing women through the Mamavation Sistahood, and I’m pleased to introduce another one to you today: Jeanae, of the Just Jeanae blog. She is the mom of a Superkid and wife to a soldier (who happens to be deployed right now), but she still manages, despite holding […]

Great Expectations: Julia’s Math

I am a fairly new fan to Julia, blogger at Julia’s Math. She is the mother of a daughter and wife to a (very patient?) man, whom she writes about lovingly and honestly. She writes about family life (and the subsequent lack of sleep) in a candid and humorous way, as well as life […]

Great Expectations: To Hab and To Hold

I’ve started to get to know Rachel through the Mamavation community recently, and I’m so glad. Rachel is a warm, caring, supportive friend to have, both personally and physically. She writes at To Hab and To Hold (a play on her last name) about her family, her incredible weight loss and triathlon training. […]

Great Expectations: Co-Pilot Mom

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kim of Co-Pilot Mom, and I’m so glad I did. She is the lovely, funny, sweet mother of her two Captains who worked as an Early Childhood Educator and is now their stay at home mom. She is a regular iPPP-er, which […]

Great Expectations: Franny Bolsa

I had the huge pleasure of meeting Lisa at Blissdom this year. She writes at Franny Bolsa, where she’s “just a girl telling stories.” She’s also a girl sharing amazing pictures in her “Ordinary Lens” weekly series, in which she makes ordinary things and moments extraordinarily stunning. She’s the mother […]