How to Win Kid-Friends & Influence Little Monsters [My Secrets Exposed]

Hey there! It’s been a while. I’ve been around, and often think, man, I want to write something. And then I remember that I have a full time job now (from home, thank goodness) and no energy at the end of the day, and am fresh out of ideas most […]

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Celebrating a Special Dad with #KCSteaks

Read on and you’ll find a coupon code AND giveaway…

So, my husband is hard to buy for (if you continue to read this, babe, just act surprised on the 19th). If he wants something, he buys it. If you ask him for ideas, he doesn’t have any,

I’m not alone in […]

Why I’m Thankful for Thirty-One #Giveaway

So, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I listed some things I’m thankful for yesterday. Today, I’m combining two more things that I’m super thankful for with a GIVEAWAY.

Thing 1: My Thirty-One business. I’ve been at it for almost four months now, and I’ve had a lot of really fun Facebook parties, […]

Grab Green Laundry and Home Care #Giveaway

This post contains affiliate links but also a GIVEAWAY. Woot!

A brand I met at Shiftcon this year was Grab Green. The team I talked to was AWESOME. They were a brand that said “Hey! Do you want to try some of our favorite products that work really well but reduce […]

We Had A Day Out With Thomas #Giveaway!

Before I tell you all about our Day Out With Thomas, I need to let you know that I’ve got a SUPER QUICK giveaway for a set of four tickets for next Sunday, June 7! Read on and see below for how to enter. I’ve seen people talking about their […]

An old favorite made gluten free. #giveaway

If you have any kind of dietary restrictions (doctor- or self-imposed) you know what it’s like to want something you can’t have. You might even dream about it sometimes, or get a little tear in your eye when you see someone else eating it, or smell it cooking. And maybe […]

How To Avoid Buying Toilet Paper For A Year #sheethappens #giveaway

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft® , but keep reading because you can enter an awesome giveaway at the bottom! I haven’t written much about BlogHer, and I already told you that I didn’t take many pictures. What kind of blogger am I, anyway?!

I’m the kind of blogger that sometimes […]

See Jane Run Wichita Half Marathon #Giveaway

Last year, I ran my very first half marathon. It was relaxed, and laid-back, full of supportive women of all shapes and sizes. And, at the finish line, I was greeted by a medal, chocolates, and a glass of champagne.

It wasn’t easy, by any means. Though the course was flat […]

My Holiday Wish List #Giveaway

How’s your Christmas shopping coming? Do you have YOUR wish list? I do. I have one on Amazon, and it includes running shoes (you can never have enough, right?), a whole array of the Just Dance games for Wii, a tablet that is for me and not the kids, and […]

Gluten Free Friday: Making Your Own Squeezer Pouch Snacks #Giveaway

My daughter, the one with Celiac Disease, is a snacking fool. She finishes her lunch every day and immediately asks for a snack. Her favorite thing is yogurt, but she also loves fruit snacks, cheese sticks, snack mix made with Chex cereal, things like that. We go through boxes of […]