Have Yourself a Dino Little Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, John Hammond gave to me…

Henry made up the 12 Days of Christmas: Jurassic Park Edition yesterday.

Just try not to sing along.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, John Hammond gave to me:

Twelve pteranadons

Eleven mosasaurs

Ten ACU*

Nine tyranosaurs

Eight dino fights

Seven saurapods

Six DNA samples

Five gyrosphere rides

Four spinosaurs

Three stegosaurs

Two […]

Never Again (For Now) #iPPP

We’re back! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. Welcome to #iPPP! Mama Mash and I want to see your funny, your yummy, your heartfelt, your favorite phone photos of the week. Link up below!

We had two of our family Christmases at two different hotels this year. Just for fun. And it was […]

2013: The Year of the Fun.

I’ve read a lot of bloggers who have chosen “words” or “themes” for the new year. I couldn’t really think of one until today, the last day of Christmas Break, when I took some pictures of the kids playing in the snow.


Fun is my theme for the new year. It’s […]

Project 365: Week 52

Well, this is it for the year, the last day of 2012. So much has happened in the last week that I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But it’s been fun!    I just wish we had more than two more days until we have to get back into the […]

Project 365: Week 51

It’s Christmas Eve Eve and I don’t have a single present wrapped. Hopefully, I can change that after the kids go to bed. Otherwise, tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Dec. 16

We had some of the kids’ aunts and uncles visit last weekend, and with them came new pajamas […]

Gluten Free in Paradise and other Holiday Happenings.

It was an exciting day. Hubs had to go to the mall to buy my Christmas present, and after I dropped the big two at school and packed some snacks for our little trip (do you know how many snacks you have to pack when you need to make sure […]

Traveling With Momma #mommas12days12

Last year, I took part in Momma’s 12 Days of Christmas, and I’m back again! This year, I’m sharing my wisdom on traveling for the holidays. Because, you know I have experience!

You guys. Last year, I was the lucky contributor that won an Elf pack, and it was AWESOME. This […]

Hugs for the Holidays: Dealing with Loss of a Spouse

I don’t remember much about the first Christmas after my husband died. It was only about three weeks after the accident, probably two weeks after the funeral.

I do remember two things:

I had written a letter to my family and friends to tell them that I was two months pregnant with […]

Happy Holidays from #iPPP

Mama Mash and I have decided, in the wake of Friday’s tragedy and the upcoming holiday, to let #iPPP take a little break until January. If you’ve already written a post or planned to link up, leave the link in the comments and I’d love to give it some love.

In […]

Project 365: Week 50

Dec. 9

Sunday was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert with my dad. Before we left, we had a quiet morning of journal-filling and coloring.


Erv’s hair became a Swoop of Fantastic again. (And then I cut it later in the week. But it was fun while it lasted.)


We worked on a Christmas project, […]