Through The Lens Thursday: Together

Or, as they toddler says “too-gedduh”.

I made some gluten free popcorn party mix for the girls’ Easter parties at school tomorrow. (It’s super easy, but if you want the recipe, check it out on Today’s Work At Home Mom…and feel free to take a look around while you’re there).

Food photography […]

Project 365: Weeks 11-12

Yeah, so it’s been spring break and I’ve been a touch burned out/busy/overwhelmed, so I didn’t really feel like doing this last weekend. But, of course, now I have twice as much to share. Woo!

March 9

What’s this? A quiet evening AND the kids getting along? Unheard of.

March 10

Little thug. Watch […]

Through The Lens Thursday: Hot

Once again, the prompt this week is a challenge….there’s nothing hot about the beginning of March in Kansas this year. It made me think outside the box a little, just like flower did.

I mentioned yesterday that we did some baking, and I also tried to work on some food photography. […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Warm Snugglies. #iPPP

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the States! Here are some things I’m thankful for:
1. Pinterest. With the need to stay home and make our own gluten free Thanksgiving dinner, this is where I go to find all things gluten free and Thanksgiving-related.

2. A home that’s warm and full of chaos, […]

On the Eve of 33 #iPPP

Tomorrow, I will be thirty-three. I’m fine with it…it feels like a good number. Some don’t feel so….natural, you know? Thirty-three feels good.

So, on the eve of my thirty-third birthday, I’m going to say thirty-three things that make me happy right now. Because, why not? It’s been a rough month […]

My Life In Numbers

32- the number of years I’ve been on this earth

1999- the year I graduated high school

2- the number of classes I dropped in college

0- the number of classes I failed in college

3- the number of colleges I attended (1 during high school, 1 undergrad, 1 graduate school)

2- the number of […]

Gluten Free Friday: TGIF Edition

I just got an oh so welcome phone call, and I had to share.

You know that our two (nearly three) year old was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease in February. Well, we had her follow up appointment on Wednesday to talk to the doctor, check her weight, check the antibody […]

Project 365: Week 24

So, this post should be titled “My Week In Instagram”, because once again, the DSLR has stayed in its case and I’ve used my camera phone all week (which will be great for the return of #iPPP next week).

It’s been kind of crazy with late evening bible school all week […]

Project 365: Week 21

This week has been a lot of fun. There was a graduation, a trip to the park, two days of summer vacation, TONS of gardening and the start of Memorial Day weekend.

May 20

While Nana and Papa were visiting for the week between preschool graduation and kindergarten graduation, Papa (the gardening […]

Adventurous Vegetable Eating

This post is sponsored by Country Crock. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. //″>
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You know that we’ve been eating gluten free in this house since Essie’s diagnosis (which in […]