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Six is Practically Out of the House.

The no-longer-a-baby baby is six today. S.I.X.


Our youngest is almost done with kindergarten. He’s starting to read. He’s got his own opinions about EVERYTHING. He fake cries a lot, and snuggles a lot. He hugs his big brother and tells him that he loves him in his sweetest little boy voice. And he means it.

He changes his mind as quickly as he can make it, or he can hang on to his decision until the end of time. It’s anybody’s guess.


“I am smiling.”


He likes:

His momma. Louise, and big sister Ivy.

He does not like:

Bedtime and waiting (he wanted to put Henry and Essie on there, but I knew it was temporary and not nice so I vetoed that).

His favorite foods are:

Quesadillas and pizza (and they’re pretty much all he’ll eat right now except for breakfast foods).

His favorite movies are:

Moana, Ghostbusters, and Godzilla.

His favorite book is:


His best friends are: 

Blaine, Jru, and his momma.

He is stubborn, he is sweet, he is six.

A Year in Review (Part 3)

I’ve already covered the first half of 2011: the first part of the year was TOO exciting for me. Much, much too exciting. Thankfully, the next three months were low-key. July, August, and September were exciting again, but this time, in a GOOD WAY. In July, We celebrated the Fourth in a way that onlyContinue Reading

Heat #iPPP

His cries jerk me awake, and I’m startled. I bring him in close, but he doesn’t latch on. Throwing his body back, he wails and pushes away from me. I try my best to soothe him, keep him from waking everyone else, but he doesn’t calm down. I stand up, hugging him close, and feelContinue Reading

Birthday Goofiness #iPPP

Friday was Henry’s 6th birthday, and we went to the local pizza place for dinner. My parents came along, and brought a Halloween sack full of Dollar Store Halloween goodies. They were a hit. Especially these glasses… Me and my camera were MUCH too slow to capture the glasses on Erv. Henry and his pirateContinue Reading

Birthday Treats! #pinterestchallenge

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Dear Henry,

Today, you’re six. Another year has come and gone, much too fast. But you’re the oldest of FOUR (!) and we treat you as such. Sometimes you resent it, and sometimes you soak it up. You light up a room with your excitement and huge, friendly smile (and let’s not forget those lashes), but you’reContinue Reading

Big Weekend #iPPP

I told you yesterday that we had a big weekend around here. Well, the pictures from the party were on my real camera, but these are from my phone: Of course, I had to take a phone picture of the ship to post on facebook. The boys at the wedding. Aren’t they handsome? At theContinue Reading

Epic. Birthday. Party.

This weekend was big. I saw my good friend from college get married on Friday and we spent the rest of it with family and friends in Arkansas. The big three kids had a BLAST. Here’s part of the reason: Do YOU know anybody else that has a PIRATE SHIP in their YARD?! How awesomeContinue Reading

The Birthday Party (Part 1)

Last Saturday, we celebrated our girls’ 2nd and 4th birthdays. It was SO hot. Not the kind of hot where you can sit and chat outside and be comfortable if you’re still, but the kind of hot where you sit and chat outside and sweat is running down your face. But, somehow we still managedContinue Reading

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