Hey there! It’s been a while. I’ve been around, and often think, man, I want to write something. And then I remember that I have a full time job now (from home, thank goodness) and no energy at the end of the day, and am fresh out of ideas most of the time. BUT, I’m happy to squeeze in some time to bring a brand new, super fun book to you guys (keep reading to find out how you can win one of your own!).

Part coloring book, part joke book, the HaHa Color-Me! Joke Book is the highly entertaining best of both worlds. When I say “highly entertaining” I mean, my two youngest went through the whole thing, reading jokes out loud and choosing their favorite picture to color, and then spending the rest of the night making up their own jokes (which, really, could use some work but that’s so not the point).


And hey! As you can clearly see, this book allows you, the mom with too much to do already, to get things done WITHOUT A YOUTUBE VIDEO IN THE BACKGROUND. (just my house?)

If you buy from this link, you’ll also get a lovely Halloween-themed bonus that I absolutely love. [BTW, who’s ready for Halloween?] 


Enjoy! And, oh, did I mention, for every PRINT book this author sells, she will be sending one to a child in need who can’t afford one. So when your child laughs, you know you’re sharing the laughs with another child. <— I love this!  


If you want to buy the book and use it for your own fundraising or in your kid-friendly business, or give in goody bags or as birthday gifts  (instead of those junky plastic toys that kill the environment and don’t add any value to kids). You can sign up for the #gigglegiver program and get a bulk buying discount.  

It’s my honor and privilege to introduce you to the HaHa Color-Me! Joke Book. When we make kids happy and joyful, I feel like we’re doing this parenting thing right (whether we make perfect Pinterest treats for the school Halloween party or not).

Q: When does an astronaut eat lunch?
A: At launch time!

So who wants one? For free? Who wants to share the art of the Knock-Knock joke with their six year old (okay, maybe that’s not a bonus but it IS entertaining)? Who wants their eight year old to sit at the table with jokes and coloring pages instead of the newest video on how to make rainbow slime?

Comment with your favorite joke and you’ll be entered to win!

For bonus entries, share the following on Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment that you did. “I entered to win the fabulous new HaHa Color Me Joke Book from @gfunkified: http://wp.me/p2nIwS-2ie”

One winner will be chosen on lucky Friday, October 13. Everyone is welcome to enter.