The no-longer-a-baby baby is six today. S.I.X.


Our youngest is almost done with kindergarten. He’s starting to read. He’s got his own opinions about EVERYTHING. He fake cries a lot, and snuggles a lot. He hugs his big brother and tells him that he loves him in his sweetest little boy voice. And he means it.

He changes his mind as quickly as he can make it, or he can hang on to his decision until the end of time. It’s anybody’s guess.


“I am smiling.”


He likes:

His momma. Louise, and big sister Ivy.

He does not like:

Bedtime and waiting (he wanted to put Henry and Essie on there, but I knew it was temporary and not nice so I vetoed that).

His favorite foods are:

Quesadillas and pizza (and they’re pretty much all he’ll eat right now except for breakfast foods).

His favorite movies are:

Moana, Ghostbusters, and Godzilla.

His favorite book is:


His best friends are: 

Blaine, Jru, and his momma.

He is stubborn, he is sweet, he is six.