They Listened (and I’m So Proud) #ltym

It’s been two days since we had our Listen To Your Mother show, and I’m still processing (and needing a nap).

What I can say right now is this:

~~I’m so glad my husband and two oldest were there.


Photo courtesy of Lisa Allen

~~Our cast brought it. They were pros, truly, even though most of them had never done anything remotely like it before. Their stories were powerful and sincere and I know everyone in the audience could see that.


Liberty Hall

~~Kathy and I make a fabulous team. We didn’t know each other, really, when our girl Lisa suggested that I ask her to apply with me to bring the show back to the KC area. But I think the combination of our meshing personalities and the fact that we were getting to know each other through the whole scary process worked in our favor. Also, we’re both big fans of the heavy on the text style of communication.

~~The show went so smoothly that it feels a little like a dream. There were no big hiccups, certainly nothing that invoked any sense of panic in us as the production team.

~~I even felt pretty calm all day. I was scared of reading my essay, but I did it (and I’m mostly glad I did). I had the butterflies in the stomach feeling all weekend but I think I was not even as nervous as when I was just a reader in the 2013 show.


Photo courtesy of Lisa Allen

~~We had all of our cast backstage during the show, with Kathy on the side doing the intros and everyone else behind the curtains waiting their turns, and as I watched us all throughout the (too quick) show, I felt a sense of relief, and immense pride, and love for each of them. We did it.


Photo courtesy of our immensely talented photographer, Karen Ledford.

2 Responses to They Listened (and I’m So Proud) #ltym

  1. April says:

    Love the show! You did an amazing job. Can't wait for next year.

  2. Lady Jennie says:

    Yay! It made me happy to see your husband and (2) kids there. I'm so glad you could do this, Greta!!!