Randy (Randall, Randall J. Simpson Funk, Rando) is the newest member of the family, coming to us a few months ago because he had a chicken-killing problem on the farm where he lived.

He is passive as can be, definitely not the Alpha…more like the Delta. If he is confronted by the Big Dog, he immediately rolls on his back and starts wagging his tail. If you look him in the face, he averts his eyes. He is the sweetest, snuggliest pup who makes himself a lap dog.

He and Louise were from the same litter, and even though they have completely different body shapes, they have a lot of the same characteristics and mannerisms.


Louise (Weasel, Wease-dog, Geez Louise, Baby) has gotten a bit more aggressive in certain situations since we lost Ella (the loud, protective diabetic dog), although she cowers in the hub’s presence. She can play fetch with a ball for HOURS, and it absolutely doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do fifteen other things.

If she’s not allowed in my lap, she snuggles in her crate/bed until my lap is available. If she thinks there’s an opening to get in my lap, even if I’ve told her not to get in my lap, she jumps in my lap when I’m not looking. She’s not a snuggler like Randy, she just needs to be on me (unless she playing ball).

Both she and Randy are the best sleepers. They stay in their beds in the morning until I get them out, and sometimes they’re so quiet that I forget about them, and when I finally remember, they just wag their tails and run outside.


Grim (Grimace, Grim Dog, Baby Dog) is the biggest, oldest pup. He learned to disregard manners from his adoptive father (hubs), so he pushes in front of anyone in his way… I have the scratches and bumps and bruises to prove it.

He is sweet and soft and snuggly, though, and sleeps on my side of the bed most nights (which drives hubs completely crazy and it’s probably because I don’t keep making him move just when he’s fallen asleep).