I tried to take pictures of our family last Sunday for our holiday cards this year, because (to be real) I had a good blow out from the salon on Saturday and I didn’t want to waste it. It was also a pretty nice day out, and I didn’t want to waste that. And it’s kind of like pulling off a Band-Aid….you know it’s going to hurt, and your family is going to complain, so it’s better to just do it quickly and get it over with. I didn’t even try to coordinate outfits; I just figured we’d go with black and white pictures this year.

Most of the family was just fine (although Ivy was really not feeling well), but we can’t allllllll be happy and smiling for 30 minutes. God forbid, right? One child was not having it.

fall family 20

But I think there are a couple we can use. Because Lord knows, I’m going to have to get an oversized package of patience in the mail before I try it again.

Some, though…..if they’re used for the card, they’ll just be proof that I have a sense of humor.

fall family 1

fall family 15

fall family 19fall family 17

You like the cat photobomb?



Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that I’m doing again this year.

Next week’s prompt is CUT.