The boys are cut from the same cloth.

Henry is more outspoken and eager to talk to anyone, anywhere, and Ervin is shy and not very social or open, but they both love a lot of the same things and act the same way at home and pretty much adore each other (when they’re not bickering at each other).

This week was “H” week in preschool, so the two of them decided Henry would be Ervin’s show and tell.

Erv talked about how they play “Lego Jurassic Park” together (Jurassic World on the XBox), and then Henry told the class that they played with Legos together (and proceeded to list all of the dinosaur bricks he had coming).

show and tell

Four years ago, Ervin was Henry’s show and tell for “E” week in preschool.

show and tell 2

I can’t even with the full circle thing.


Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that I’m doing again this year.

Next week’s prompt is MUTED..