I came across this photo in my TimeHop just now (I love that app).

This was a day that we had gone to Target (obviously), and while I pushed them around in the double cart, they sang nonsense songs together. To the point where they had a lot of old ladies smiling at them and a few people looking in our direction to see where all of the ruckus was coming from. I was just laughing and singing with them because it was ridiculously cute (and loud).

There was another day when Erv was about that age that we had to wait at the pharmacy there at Target and he had had it. He wouldn’t stay in the cart any longer and shot towards the front door while I was trying to check out at the pharmacy counter, so I was trying not to yell at the other three to grab him but really probably yelling as much as I could in public. That time I was not getting any smiles, but some very dirty looks. Finally, a lady grabbed him for me before he went through the automatic doors and into the parking lot (I was definitely running after him by then but he had a nice long head start).

Typing that just raised my blood pressure.

Moral of the story: kids don’t belong in Target and neither do grumpy people.