I went to Shiftcon at the end of September, and was inspired (all over again) to make small changes to improve my family’s health and limit our mark on the environment.

One of the things I knew I needed(wanted) to change was our dependence on traditional juice pouches. I pack my kids’ school lunches every day (both because I have a picky eater and because I have gluten free girls that don’t have options from the school). Juice pouches and boxes are the easiest way to send them with a  drink for lunch (not to mention the easiest to pack for trips), but most of them have too much sugar or unpronounceable ingredients. If I learned anything from the conference, it’s that I should know what I’m feeding my family.

I have made the switch to reusable containers for juice or water in order to decrease some of our waste, but sometimes I’m in a hurry and sometimes they’re just not convenient (like on those family trips and long drives). I told the folks at Honest Tea all of this, and they sent me a box of their Honest Kids juice pouches to try.


What makes them awesome is that they’re only sweetened with fruit juice….they don’t add any other junk, and that fruit juice is organic. And they taste really good (I totally drank one). They’re not overly sweet, they just taste like juice. Real, delicious juice. Even my kids, who are used to the super sweet, not-real-juice-in-any-sense-of-the-word pouches, loved them.

Also? For our reusable drink containers? They have bigger bottles of the juice!

I already know that the Honest Tea peeps are pure awesome, but now you do, too, because guess what?? They’re going to send one of you THREE BOXES of Honest Kids (flavor of your choice)!

To enter, all you have to do is visit the Honest Kids page and comment below with which flavor you and your kids would choose if you won.

The fantastic folks at Honest Tea sent me products to try and review, but I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are 100% my own.

Giveaway will end on Tuesday, November 10. Winner will be chosen at random.