This cat. THIS. CAT.

He used to be an outside cat and then he started coming in in the winters and now he apparently thinks he needs to be inside all the time.


He’s old and stinky and old and crotchety and old and pees on EVERYTHING that’s left in the floor now. He peed on Ervin’s shoe a couple of nights ago. Ervin’s. Shoe.

He has no problem going downstairs to the basement for food…that’s right next to the litter boxes.

I’ve become the mom that barks all day, “pick that up!” “I don’t want to see ANYTHING ON THE FLOOR!” “If your jacket gets peed on again, I’m THROWING IT AWAY!”

I got so fed up a couple of nights ago (after the shoe incident) that I threw him outside before we went to bed. And he was outside all day yesterday and I worried about him all day because I was sure he wandered off and died.

And then he showed up and came back in this morning and now I’m barking at everyone again.

Happy Saturday.