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A brand I met at Shiftcon this year was Grab Green. The team I talked to was AWESOME. They were a brand that said “Hey! Do you want to try some of our favorite products that work really well but reduce those disgusting chemicals in your home?” and then “Perfect! Then you can give those same products to one of your readers, and get a discount, and share affiliate links! Because we LOVE bloggers!”

That’s paraphrasing, but you can see why I adored them immediately. They were super friendly and funny and down to earth, and also willing to give out BOXES of their products for everyone at Shiftcon to try. Because let’s be honest….some of the ecofriendly, clean, no- or reduced-chemical products out there can be expensive and not even work. But it’s not like you can just get samples of everything! So you’re stuck with, like, a really good smelling dish soap that doesn’t even get the dishes clean.

So I love nothing more than to be able to try things out before I spend my money on them (understatement of the year).

I got the box (the beautiful box…seriously, the packaging is gorgeous), and it contained Dishwasher Pods, Laundry Pods, Bleach Alternative Pods and Hand Soap.


Let me just talk about my favorites.

The Dishwasher Pods. I got a small sample of the unscented kind and a regular bag of Tangerine with Lemongrass scented. I haven’t tried the unscented yet because I’ve been using the others. Dish cleaner in general kind of freaks me out. I mean, we eat off of our dishes and then clean them with chemicals before we eat off of them again?? Does that seem kind of…..gross to anyone else? So lately I’ve been on the lookout for natural dishwasher detergent to avoid the whole eating off of chemicals thing. I had not had much luck, to be real. I mean, eating off of chemicals is bad, but so is opening the dishwasher to find that your dishes are only half clean and you have to either hand wash them or run a whole load over again. NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT. But. BUT!!! The Grab Green dishwasher detergent pods work really, really well. They get all of crusty stuff off of the dishes and silver ware, without leaving streaks behind, just as well as the “regular” detergents do. And they smell way better without the toxic chemicals, chlorine, dyes, or phosphates (all of the scary stuff regular detergents have).

The Hand Soap. Oh my goodness. I got the Red Pear with Magnolia scented soap. It smells fresh and clean and not too strong but strong enough (if you know what I mean). There are other scents (and fragrance free) to try, and I will be trying all of them. Believe you, me. It’s gentle, non-toxic, AND biodegradable, so you can feel better about washing it down the drain and into the water supply.

The other thing I love about all of the products is their transparency. Literally, on the back of all of the packages is a section called “True Transparency”, where they list all of the ingredients and what they do, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your dishes, or clothes, or bodies, or countertops.


So, now’s the fun part. You get to enter to win a $35 gift card to get these products (or any others) for yourself! YAY!
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The links in this post are affiliates, so if you happen to order any of the amazing products, I’d get a tiny commission. Also, like I said, Grab Green gave me a box of products to try for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own.