I cringe when I see wiggly teeth in a mouth, but when it comes right down to it, I can pull them out with the best of them.

EB has had “shark teeth” for several weeks, and the baby teeth in front had gotten progressively looser.


Last night, we just decided one had to come out. We’ve been telling her to wiggle them every single day, to push on them as hard as she can to avoid having to get them pulled.

Every time we asked her to open her mouth, though, she clamped her lips and got all anxious.

It felt like a day, but I bet we worked on it for an hour (and most of that was just telling her to open up).

Finally, FINALLY, after tears and yelling and wiggling and pushing it around with a flosser, it came out.

And everyone rejoiced.


She decided that she’d like the tooth fairy to come instead of keeping it for herself (like she had been saying), and since the tooth fairy knows that she still would rather get 100 pennies than a one dollar bill, the tooth fairy dug around in her wallet for her change.


On to the next wiggly tooth.