Do you ever get so sucked into some book or TV show or whatever that you can’t think about anything else? (YEAH. duh.) That’s where I’ve been lately with the Harry Potter series, and it’s been really, really hard to want to go back to regular life. Now I’ve finished all the books and movies and don’t know what to do with myself.

Which explains this post. I took my TTLT “plant” pictures EARLY and saved them, but never posted them. And now it’s almost three weeks later.

I don’t have anything for “spicy.” And I’m combining “plant” with “happy” because these pictures totally work for both.

These were taken on Henry’s 10th birthday, among the gorgeous fall leaves.

plant 1plant 3plant 2

plant 4 plant 5

Next week is November! WHAAAAAT. And the prompt is BRIGHT.