I told myself that I would not, under any circumstances, post a bunch of pictures of my dog again. I did that already (a few times). It doesn’t matter how cute she is, I would. not. do. it.

So I had to figure something else out. My youngest is going to be four in a couple of weeks (!!!!) and depending on the time and day and his mood, I can either get cute pictures of him smiling or telling stories, or I can get blurry pictures of him scowling and running away from me.

So. What to do.

I’ve always been called “cute”, all my life. Not gorgeous or pretty or beautiful or sexy. Always cute. I think the only thing stopping me from being a “cute girl who needs to be carded” anymore are the newish wrinkles around my eyes. I’ve got the big cheeks and small nose of a “cute girl.”

Which is fine, you know. It’s better than A LOT of things I could be called. And hey, I’ve had my share of boyfriends and a couple of husbands, so I must be cute enough to hang out with.

Also? It doesn’t help that I can’t be serious or a picture of me looks ridiculous. I can’t be not smiling. I’d show you what I mean but I think you can use your imagination (and you’ve already seen a couple of examples).

So anyway, I got my hair cut last week. Am I actually going to show you pictures of myself for the CUTE prompt?! Yeah, I guess so. I am a blogger.


cute 4cute 5

And since this is a photography project, I’m going to share a photo fail that actually looks kind of cool. I went outside to take these in the morning and obviously started out in the wrong (very wrong) settings, so the first one was super over-exposed. But doesn’t it look kind of neat?


But I’m not totally, completely ridiculous and vain. (I promise)

Ivy was really cute last night, emptying both of her piggy banks to count all of her money. She had decided a few days ago that she wants to save up all of her money to buy herself a computer.

She even added up the amount on a little post-it note to keep track.

cute 2

cute 3

Isn’t she adorable?


Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year (again!).

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